The most effective treatment for prostatitis with proven folk remedies

the most effective treatments for prostatitis

People suffering from inflammation of the prostate gland, who believe that the treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies is the most effective, are increasingly turning to doctors.

Prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate gland is a persistent inflammatory process, as a result of which malfunctions of the pelvic organs and its bottom are produced.

The first symptoms of prostatitis should be treated, since its insidiousness lies in the fact that it repeats over and over again, developing into a chronic painful form. This option is invariably associated with symptoms such as difficulty passing urine, obsessive pain in the prostate, painful ejaculation, problems with potency and erectile function.

In addition to classical drug therapy and surgery, folk medicine is practiced.

Causes and signs of inflammation in the prostate gland

Prostatitis has become quite rejuvenated today, since earlier this condition brought discomfort only to people over forty, now it is observed in adolescents.

The reasons for the sharp decline in the age of young people who are overtaken by inflammation of the prostate can be called an improper lifestyle, since the disease occurs:

  • when sitting for a long time in one place in front of a computer monitor or TV;
  • when constantly lifting heavy objects;
  • with unbearable physical exertion;
  • when eating poorly;
  • for inflammation of an infectious nature;
  • for lack of mobility or sports.

Most people claim that they suddenly felt discomfort or sharp pain in the male genital area and could not associate it with a specific factor.

The main symptoms of prostate inflammation to be treated include:

  • obsessive pain in the pubic and scrotal region;
  • feeling of a constantly full bladder;
  • potency problems;
  • weak or no erection;
  • constant urge to urinate;
  • itching in the genital area;
  • feeling of general malaise;
  • temperature rise;
  • premature ejaculation.

If the inflammation of the prostate is not treated, then it flows into a chronic form, which cannot be treated at home. Untreated ailment will come back again and again, leading to oncology or adenoma.

Doctors strongly advise to contact a medical center when the first signs of a spicy disease appear. Patients should not be ashamed and associate the problem with sexually transmitted infections, but simply seek diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment.

Peculiarities of treatment of different subtypes of prostatitis

Professional urologists will never prescribe a medicine if the necessary tests, diagnostics and the type of painful condition are not carried out.

For inflammation of the bacterial type of prostate, you will have to take antibacterial medications and non-steroidal drugs that stop the inflammatory process. For effective treatment of the disease in the complex, you will have to drink alpha blockers and sedatives, setting an appropriate diet.

All salty, spicy and fatty foods, pickles and smoked meats, as well as strong coffee and strong alcoholic drinks, sweet soda and fast food dishes will have to be excluded from your menu forever.

In bacterial form, tincture from aspen bark will help, 100 grams of which will have to be infused in 200 grams of high-quality vodka for at least fourteen days.

This rather pleasant-tasting tincture will have to be taken twice a day, a teaspoon dose is enough for ten days.

If the prostatitis is chronic, then it can be treated very effectively at home, taking it daily:

  • thirty large pumpkin seeds each;
  • infusion of parsley or its dried seeds, which is prepared from two teaspoons of raw materials, ground through a coffee grinder, filled with one hundred grams of boiled water; the composition boiled for a couple of minutes will need to be drained and consumed regularly, three times a day;
  • freshly squeezed elderberry juice, which is recommended to be drunk in unlimited quantities for about a couple of weeks before each meal.

In addition to treating the prostate with a folk remedy, you should avoid hypothermia and constipation, do not delay urination and do morning exercises more often. The urologist prescribes drug therapy, namely a complex of medications that effectively destroy inflammation, antibiotics, antidepressants.

Acute prostatitis can be treated with regular and professional prostate massage, which can be done independently at home. To do this, you will have to insert a finger with petroleum jelly into the anus and massage the gland for a couple of minutes. It is imperative to wear latex sterile gloves during treatment and carry out the procedure in a supine position.

Useful treats for acute and chronic inflammation

In addition to massage, you will have to follow a diet and use effective methods for prostatitis, which can be not only useful, but also incredibly tasty.

Grind half a kilo of fresh pumpkin seeds and mix them thoroughly with two hundred ml honey. From a viscous mass, it is worth quickly rolling up identical honey-pumpkin balls, the diameter of which does not exceed three millimeters.

Store the best healthy delicacy in the refrigerator, but not more than a month, taking three candies a day.

Similar sweet candy to support sexual health can be made with testosterone-stimulating products such as melon and pumpkin seeds. The recipe for a nutritious treat is available even to a child, worth:

  • take half a kilo of fresh seed;
  • turn the raw material through a meat grinder;
  • mix two hundred and fifty grams of natural honey with seeds;
  • roll small balls or sausages with wet hands;
  • put the received sweets in the refrigerator;
  • consume a couple of the best treats daily;
  • it is necessary not to chew, but thoroughly dissolve the candy without drinking it with water before eating

Treatment of chronic prostatitis with folk remedies can be slightly delayed, but it can be made tasty and continued for several years after the disease is stopped.

Some folk remedies for inflammation

If a patient has chosen a complex treatment of prostatitis with a folk remedy, what are the most effective remedies will have to be learned from the article of leading luminaries of medicine and the reviews of most patients.

A rather effective remedy against the insidious ailment is the common chestnut, which can be found in any city square. The ideal healing effect is not the fruit itself, but the peel (two hundred and fifty grams), which should be steamed in one liter of boiling water.

The resulting broth must be infused for a couple of hours and consumed in a full tablespoon, ideally 3 times a day. If the concentrate is diluted in a mug of boiled water, then it can be drunk constantly, like tea, realizing that the appetite can quickly increase.

In addition to chestnut, the best folk remedies for prostatitis are the most common nuts. Traditional medicine helps to effectively cure any form of inflammation of the prostate gland using the leaves and bark of common hazel.

Dry raw materials should be crushed as much as possible, and then pour one spoonful of the collection with a glass of boiling water and leave alone for thirty minutes. Alternative treatment of prostatitis involves the use of a quarter of a glass of broth for four visits within one day.

It is worth figuring out how to treat prostatitis in a man with folk remedies that are always at hand. According to the reviews of patients who received anti-inflammatory therapy, along with expensive medicines, you can use ordinary garden garlic. A fragrant vegetable for treatment has interesting properties:

  • eliminates inflammation of the prostate gland;
  • reduces pain in the scrotum and penis;
  • eliminates itching and burning;
  • enhances erectile function;
  • maximizes potency.

Traditional methods of treatment of prostatitis and its prevention using ordinary garlic can reliably protect against the disease. To do this, you will have to take only six large teeth of the vegetable, which should be chopped as much as possible, keeping the juices in it.

Rub a clove on a fine grater or chop it with a sharp knife, pour it with boiled water in a volume of five hundred grams and leave for at least twelve hours. The resulting mass should be filtered through several layers of gauze and drunk four teaspoons about 15 minutes before meals.

It is worth clarifying that a man's prostatitis does not develop into chronic, treatment with folk remedies will be shown along with the methods of classical medicine. Not always, according to patients' reviews, it is possible to be treated using tasty infusions and healthy treats.

Will give a greater effect and will allow you to quickly cure inflammation of the prostate gland, an unpleasant-tasting decoction or compote from a kilo of wild pear fruits. An effective treatment for prostatitis with a folk remedy at home includes drinking a glass of liquid about 2 times a day, but you can increase the rate several times if you like the taste. Problems disappear approximately on the fourth day after the start of admission, but a greater effect is achieved after several months or even years.

Treatment of ailment with bee products

A more delicious treat for treatment will be natural bee products, which not only relieve inflammation, but also:

  • improve the quality of semen;
  • significantly increase potency;
  • increase the angle of erection;
  • stimulate blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • increases libido as it is a powerful aphrodisiac.

When treating with bee products, it is best to eliminate allergic reactions by dripping some liquid honey on your wrist.

If there is no allergy, then you can start treatment in several effective ways that were tested by our ancestors:

  • purchase high-quality liquid honey that is resistant to sugaring, and then take it heaps of a teaspoon for fifteen days before meals;
  • high-quality fresh propolis (50 g) pour 250 grams of high-quality vodka and boil until maximum evaporation; then add the best natural cocoa and roll candles into a long finger, which will be inserted into the patient's anus for at least thirty days;
  • put a little detailed propolis in ethyl alcohol in a ratio of one to two, then leave for fourteen days and take thirty-five drops of filtered liquid diluted in one hundred grams of warmed milk;
  • a pound of three-year agave leaves should be crumpled and combined with liquid honey and red wine in the same amount, left alone for five days; use a tablespoon of sweet remedy several times a day for at least thirty-one days, if possible, repeating the treatment in a week.

Herbal remedies for prostatitis

Before curing prostatitis in a man with folk remedies, you should consult with your doctor in order to prevent allergies and avoid problems with contraindications. Quite often, in the treatment of various ailments, onion husks are used, which:

  • is ​​thoroughly washed;
  • is ​​placed in a container with an enamel coating;
  • add seven hundred grams of boiled water;
  • boil for five or seven minutes;
  • leave to infuse for about an hour;
  • strain through several layers of gauze;
  • use 1 \ 2 tsp. every eight hours.

An unpretentious golden mustache plant grows well on the window, which is used by the folk treatment of prostatitis in men at home. This folk remedy is so popular that its own treatment regimen was developed and a course of treatment was developed.

It is necessary to make a balm on the extract of alcohol from a golden mustache (150 grams) and vegetable oil from flaxseed (five hundred grams), and then shake it vigorously for seven or ten minutes to evenly mix.

Tincture of Golden Mustache is taken as follows:

  • ten days, 1 tsp. balm three times a day;
  • five tablespoons of natural asparagus juice;
  • repetition of the course of taking natural drugs.

Another rather exotic remedy for inflammation in the intimate area is birch tar, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Natural raw materials (three tablespoons) are thoroughly dissolved in three liters of boiling water, placed in a plastic bowl for convenience.

The patient should sit comfortably over the pelvis and treat the genital area and prostate with vapors of the medication. Methods of dealing with the disease using birch tar will be most effective only at the initial stage, but it is strictly forbidden to fight with this remedy if there is hemorrhoids or a sexually transmitted infection.

Rhizomes and leaves of ginseng can be infused on alcohol, which is then drunk in courses of twenty drops.

You can insist in this way the rhizomes of the rarest stimulant of the sexual and reproductive function of Aralia from Manchuria, 20 grams of them should be insisted in one hundred grams of seventy percent alcohol, and the intake of alcoholic herb tincture should be organized so that thirty drops enter the body every day. It is strictly forbidden to use it for those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Dill or fennel would be good to insist not on medical alcohol, but on quality port (one hundred grams of onions per thousand grams of alcohol). The strained tincture should be consumed one hundred grams as an aperitif before meals.

Is it possible to be treated with herbal decoctions

When you search for "prostatitis: symptoms and treatment with folk remedies", a huge number of effective decoctions are displayed. Some mixtures (collections of herbs numbered 1 and 2) can already be purchased at the nearest pharmacy, they are included in equal proportions:

  • birch;
  • lingonberry;
  • field chamomile;
  • horsetails;
  • linen;
  • hawthorn;
  • celandine;
  • wheatgrass;
  • nettle;
  • sage.

Chopped or packaged raw materials against inflammation of the prostate gland from the pharmacy pack will need to be poured with a glass of water and boiled for fifteen minutes. The infusion will have to be drunk three times daily, about a stack before meals.

Decoctions of hazelnut branches are no less useful for the male body, from which leaves and earrings do not break off, giving a red-brown tint. When the raw material boils for about twenty minutes, a man will be able to steam over its steam, getting rid of inflammation, microcracks and itching.

In folk medicine, juices and pomace from such commonly available plants and vegetables as radish, radish, asparagus are popular.

Rules for taking medicinal herbs

When using some medicinal plants, the dosage and some rules should be strictly observed:

  • you can consume two hundred grams of crackers per day;
  • remove food of animal origin from the diet;
  • the use of milk, fish and egg whites is unacceptable;
  • don't eat pastries;
  • avoid drinking and smoking.

Some methods cause weakness and soreness, signs of dormant illness, sleep disturbances, chills, and muscle or joint pain.

Traditional medicine in the field of prostatitis - treatment is quite acceptable, but doctors strongly advise to reinforce it with traditional medications, having received their advice in advance. Even the best folk remedy for prostatitis of all forms will be effective in moderation.