Prevention of prostatitis in men: basic rules

Any man, whose age exceeds 30 years, should not ignore the changes in the body in the form of frequent urination, discomfort in the area of the anus. After all, these are signs of prostatitis of the prostate. This is a serious disease. If you do not carry out proper treatment, it can cause serious complications. It is therefore very important prevention of prostatitis in men.

prevention of prostatitis

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Prevention of prostatitis includes proper nutrition. A man has to drink plenty of fluids a day quantity should be about 2 L. This will increase the amount of urine that will flush harmful bacteria. A day the man should eat around 3 thousand calories. The body needs to fats of animal and vegetable origin.

At home is to eat such foods to protect yourself from prostatitis:

  1. Beef, chicken, no fat fish dishes.
  2. Eggs. They have a positive impact on the development of the secret.
  3. A variety of dairy products. It can help to restore intestinal flora, to protect yourself from constipation, which negatively affect the pelvic organs.
  4. Tomatoes. They have natural antioxidant – lycopene. It is necessary for men's health.
  5. Cabbage different varieties. She fights inflammation.
  6. Peas, beans.
  7. Marine products. They are able to restore prostate health after inflammation.
  8. A variety of nuts.
  9. Honey.

Food can become the most powerful assistant to prevent illness in the home.

Massaging the prostate is one of the most effective methods of fighting against stagnation in the pelvic area. With the help of massage is not only the prevention of prostatitis, but and its treatment. To do this, the physician targets the prostate with the index finger, plunging him in the crotch. This will result in the increase of blood circulation, expand blood vessels, strengthen muscles.

After massaging more effective drugs due to the fact that they better penetrate the tissue. The result was more visible, the procedure should be done by a professional. For during the massage should be in a relaxed state of the muscles of the perineum, which is not possible to do when massaging the prostate yourself at home.

folk remedies

Many men use medications to protect yourself from prostatitis. This method of prevention are in demand, as it is not necessary to spend forces and time. This uses natural products.

There are some medications that are most often used for preventive purposes.

This medicine belongs to the group that includes drugs with a regenerative effect, relieves inflammation. Thiotriazolin use to get rid of the symptoms of the disease, conduct prevention.

This medication is a pill that covers the shell. It is able to restore the function of the genital organs, has a positive effect on erection. It is used, if disturbed urination, as well as for preventive purposes.

It is a natural remedy that is produced pills. They lead to normal metabolic processes, removes inflammation, swelling of the prostate, eliminate pain. These drugs are used to protect the body from prostatitis.

The drug protects the body from inflammation, infections. As the above-mentioned tools, Cernilton all-natural formulation. For treatment of prostatitis it is used with antibacterial drugs and for preventive purposes it is used as a standalone tool.

Folk remedies in the prevention of prostatitis

Prevention of prostatitis exercise and folk remedies. A variety of recipes can help the man to maintain their health. They help protect the body against the development of prostatitis.

Prevention folk remedies includes plenty of recipes. Therefore, every man can find a suitable method. Quite effective remedy is a decoction made from the rind of the horse chestnut.

To make this remedy, you need 500 ml of boiling water add 2 tbsp of this component in powdered form. After the infusion for 24 hours, drink 1 tsp daily in the morning. The reception ends when the drug is over.

Folk remedies not only prevention, but also treat the disease. For many of the recipes used the pollen of flowers. To protect the body from prostatitis, it is recommended to eat 1 tbsp every day of this component during the month. Are not permitted to repeat courses. The main thing to do between a one-month break.

In order to deal with prostatitis, many men are using the decoction of seeds of parsley. Seeds will need 2 tbsp are added to 500 ml of boiling water. All of this should boil on a small fire, after which the mixture is left for a day to draw. Daily costs to implement a few SIPS on an empty stomach in the morning.

To avoid disease, can help of exercises for the prevention of prostatitis. Daily they should take to protect your prostate from diseases.

For this you can select appropriate exercises:

  1. You need to squat every day for 7-10 times.
  2. You need to sit on the floor, bending your knees. Next, you need to try to start to move through the buttocks. This walk is held for several minutes.
  3. You need to become and you start to swing straight leg. Each limb should do about 50 swings.
  4. It is necessary to tilt the body by 10-20 times in different directions.
  5. The benefits of exercise "Bicycle". It is performed for 7-10 minutes.

Such exercises for prevention prostatitis easy to perform. They will strengthen the muscles, improve blood circulation, which has a positive impact on prostate health. Enough to give every morning a little time for the gym.

So, with the prostate problem faced by many men. It's a pretty dangerous disease, which is not so easy to treat. Therefore it is necessary to protect your body from disease by using preventive techniques.