How to massage for prostatitis

General or rectal massage for prostatitis is part of therapeutic therapy, the action of which is aimed at suppressing the inflammatory process in the prostate gland. This procedure has a number of indications and contraindications that you need to familiarize yourself with before the session. Prostate massage can be performed both in the hospital and at home.

Benefits of the procedure

Treatment of prostatitis with massage has a huge number of benefits. With the help of this physiotherapeutic technique, the problem of eliminating stagnation of biological fluids in the cavity of the prostate gland and other organs of the genitourinary system is solved. Thanks to this, they quickly get rid of pathogenic microorganisms that cause the inflammatory process.

At the end of the therapeutic massage session, blood flow to the problem organ increases and its nutrition with valuable microelements is normalized. The process of urination becomes less painful as the inflammation gradually subsides. In addition, prostatitis massage in men has a beneficial effect on their potency, which has been weakened due to illness.

The effectiveness of the massage directly depends on who is performing it. The specialist must perfectly know all the features of this procedure. His actions should be as careful and smooth as possible. Otherwise, it can injure sensitive tissues, thereby aggravating the course of the pathological process in the genitourinary system.

Massage methods

Prostate massage for prostatitis is of different types. The most popular are manual techniques:

  1. Visceral massage. Its essence lies in the effect on the patient's ligaments, which are located in the abdomen. This technique allows you to improve the general condition of the internal organs of the small pelvis and normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  2. Finger transrectal massage. Provides a direct effect on the prostate gland. This technique is relevant for diseases of the glandular organ. The main disadvantage of the procedure is that not every man agrees to such treatment;
  3. Acupressure. During the sessions, there is no stress on the prostate. The doctor only massages specific areas of the body that are responsible for the functioning of the required internal organ.

You can massage the prostate organ yourself. In this case, the most popular is the perineal massage, which is recommended for chronic prostatitis. If it is difficult for a man to perform basic actions with his hands, he can use the help of a special massager. What device to choose for the treatment of a glandular organ can be suggested by a specialist.

An alternative to this procedure is riding a horse, as well as taking baths, which are equipped with a vibration massage with water.

Regardless of what type of massage the patient plans to be treated with, he must first make sure that the procedure will be most useful for him and will not lead to negative consequences.

Visceral massage for prostatitis to work out the pelvic organs

Rectal prostate massage

Rectal prostate massage with non-exacerbated chronic prostatitis is considered one of the most effective methods of combating the inflammatory process in the prostate gland. According to the rules, it must be carried out in the clinic. The patient should, for the convenience of the doctor, take a knee-elbow position on a special couch. After that, the urologist can proceed with the procedure, namely, insert a lubricated finger into the anus and begin massage.

For prostate massage to have a positive outcome, it must be performed with soft, smooth movements. Haste with such a procedure is dangerous.

With the permission of the doctor, the patient can conduct such sessions at home. The urologist will recommend a massager for the treatment of prostatitis, since the finger method in this case will be difficult to perform. During the appointment, the specialist will tell the patient about all the features of the procedure and give useful recommendations that will help prevent gross mistakes.

On average, a course of rectal massage lasts about 2 weeks. The duration of physiotherapy treatment is determined by the doctor based on the current health indicator of the man and the severity of the clinical symptoms of prostatitis.

General massage

Massage for prostatitis, which is carried out in the clinic and at home, can be general. During the session, certain points must be involved that are interconnected with the prostate gland. They are located on different parts of the body. A specialist will be able to show the exact localization of biologically active points.

During a general massage session, which should help a man with prostatitis recover faster, the following areas are involved:

  • Feet. Massaging this area helps a person get rid of the feeling of fatigue and unnecessary stress. The procedure enhances the outflow of venous blood from the pelvis. A mild effect on certain receptors can reduce the severity of pain;
  • The pelvis. Improves blood flow to the prostate gland. If the massage of this area is carried out correctly, then the patient's problems associated with erectile function are stopped. Massaging the pelvis eliminates the signs of dysuric disorders, and also facilitates the process of defecation and urination;
  • Buttocks. Stagnant processes are eliminated and blood flow to the problem area improves. After such a massage, patients notice a decrease in pain;
  • Small of the back. Exposure to this area activates the nerve endings that are responsible for the proper functioning of the prostate. Thanks to this, the work of the glandular organ is stabilized.

The attending physician will tell you how to cure prostatitis by massaging different active points on the body. At the request of a man, he can pick up a thematic video that shows how to properly massage in order to get rid of chronic inflammation in the gland.

To increase the effectiveness of the physiotherapy procedure, doctors recommend additionally using massage products, which are supplemented with bee products and medicinal plants. Pharmacy balms will not be superfluous. Men should take a closer look at those that have an analgesic effect. Usually they are made on the basis of snake or bee venom.

General massage for prostatitis - good for the whole body

How to massage for prostatitis yourself

Questions about how to massage for chronic prostatitis should be asked by those patients who are allowed by the doctor to practice this method of treatment. A consultation with a urologist on this matter is mandatory, since not all men can afford to carry out this procedure at home. This is because in some cases it has negative health consequences.

If the patient has no contraindications and serious complications, he can perform prostatitis massage at home. It is best to use a massager for this treatment.

If the use of the finger method is planned, then the man must first put on sterile gloves on his hand, and grease the index finger with petroleum jelly or gel that can be used for such purposes. After that, it must be inserted into the anus by about 4-6 cm. At this distance, you can find a small pouch, which is attached to the anterior wall of the intestine.

Massage should be done with extreme caution. It is best to limit yourself to light stroking movements. It is recommended to move in the direction of the excretory ducts through which the prostate secretion exits.

During a therapeutic massage for prostatitis, massage can be performed in several ways. It is usually recommended to perform a funnel-shaped maneuver with your finger or circle an imaginary number 8 with it.

To make it convenient for a man to carry out self-massage, he should take a position lying on his back, while bending and spreading his legs to the sides.


Before acting on the prostate gland using massage, you must make sure that there are no contraindications to such manipulations. This requires a complete examination of the genitourinary system. The diagnostic results will also help you know if a particular patient needs a prostate massage.

Urologists categorically prohibit massage of the prostate gland if the patient has the following contraindications:

  • Inflammation of the hemorrhoids;
  • Stones or cystic formations in the prostate;
  • Malignant damage to the tissues of the glandular organ;
  • BPH;
  • Tuberculosis of the gland.

If a patient with one of the above diagnoses is given a massage, it will greatly worsen his general health and aggravate the course of the pathological process in the gland.

For hemorrhoids, it is better to limit yourself to external massage techniques.

What you need to pay attention to

Therapeutic massage of the prostate can be both beneficial and harmful. It all depends on whether all the requirements for a massage for prostatitis are met. Preparation for a physiotherapy event is equally important. It consists of several stages:

  1. The first step is to understand whether general or rectal massage will harm the patient. To do this, you need to check if he has contraindications to the procedure;
  2. Immediately before the session, a man should cleanse the rectum from feces. If necessary, he will have to give a cleansing enema;
  3. A man must set himself up for the procedure. Psychological preparation is also important, as a positive attitude towards rectal massage helps to reduce the discomfort that patients usually feel;
  4. During the first sessions, pain in the anus may be felt. This is fine. To minimize discomfort and pain syndrome, it is advisable to carry out the procedure in 3-4 approaches, making about 10 strokes each time.

The urologist should inform the patient in advance about the possible side effects. They are usually limited to moderate pain and discomfort in the anus. All this takes place after a short period of time after the completion of the prostate massage. Symptoms of discomfort disappear on their own.

The course of massage treatment and its duration are selected for each patient individually. This procedure usually lasts no more than 3 minutes. If a man is diagnosed with chronic advanced prostatitis, the session can be increased to 5 minutes.

Sessions of prostate massage are usually carried out within 14 days. It is recommended to take a break at the end. It will be at least 6 months. If such a need arises, in six months the man will be able to attend treatment sessions again.

If, during a physiotherapy procedure, a man suddenly began to be bothered by acute pains and severe discomfort, then it will have to be stopped immediately. Such signs are alarming. If they occur, it is recommended to undergo repeated diagnostics in order to calculate the cause of the discomfort.

Normally, while massaging the prostate gland, a secret produced by the prostate should be released from the urethra. During diagnosis, fluid is collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis. If a man is recovering, then his secret will have a transparent or slightly whitish tint.

With serious damage to the tissues of the prostate, a secret will be released, in which purulent masses are present. In this case, you need to abandon the massage, as this can cause complications.

Massage of the prostate gland is usually considered as one of the stages of complex therapy. Such sessions should be carried out along with taking medications. Only in this case, the treatment will soon bring a positive result, which a man with an inflammation in the prostate expects.