Device for treatment of prostatitis: features and selection rules

Treatment of prostatitis involves the use of diverse methods, which allows to approach the problem from different sides. The use of antibiotics and other drugs not rule out additional procedures. For therapeutic purposes, quite often used devices for treatment of prostatitis.

device for the treatment of prostate

General characteristics

One of the methods of auxiliary treatment of male urological pathologies are hardware manipulation. For such procedures applied to specific equipment. Pretty well proven physiotherapy treatments in terms of clinical use of unique devices.

However, not all men are easy to visit on a regular basis physiotherapy room. In such cases, you can use miniature analogues of medical devices designed for individual use. Men, of course, much easier to use these devices than to pursue the painful massages or regularly visit a clinic.

Any apparatus for treatment of prostatitis allow you to stimulate the prostate. In addition, they activate the local metabolism and reduce negative symptoms. Such a therapeutic effect is achieved in different ways. Such devices based on mechanical, electrical, acoustic, or thermal action.

Ultrasound treatment

The device is able to distribute ultrasonic waves that are able to provoke specific vibration in the tissues. This effect helps to restore muscle tone. In addition, the ultrasound, which produces a device for treatment of prostatitis, is able to stimulate local blood flow, which ultimately helps to cope not only with stagnation but also with the painful symptoms.

Improved blood flow are essential for the efficient penetration of applied drugs in the place of pathology. Therefore, using ultrasonic devices, it is possible to significantly accelerate recovery.

It is advisable to use the ultrasonic devices are not only in acute pathologies, even with chronic diseases and for preventive purposes. Treating this equipment, you can count on the therapeutic effect after the first few treatments.


The spread of electrical activity, which creates a machine for the treatment of prostatitis in this group, provokes involuntary contraction of the muscle tissue. It is through this action is achieved therapeutic effect. Doctors unanimously assert that electrical stimulation helps to achieve impressive results.

Pacemakers are easy to deal with the stagnant processes. After a few treatments, there is increased production of secretions and the natural discharge of it from the ducts. To achieve the best effect, the stimulator is a male urological pathologies used rectally.

The use of any banned Pacer patients:

  • with cardiac pathologies;
  • with the pacemaker;
  • mental deviations.

Men with prostatitis known device Ultratone. This apparatus allowed for home use, that secured his safety. In the treatment of chronic diseases requires the introduction of the electrode device into the intestine, which is pre-processed with petroleum jelly. Daily treatment with weak pulses last up to 15 minutes. The treatment course consists of 20 daily sessions. In addition to the device for the procedure will need a set of specific electrodes.

prostate treatment

Stimulators with vibration

Devices for treatment of prostatitis with vibration effect equal to cardio-vascular exercises. Indeed, the stimulators with vibration is able to provide all of the required effects urological massage. Men quite often because of the negative attitude to direct massage avoid carrying out useful and essential treatments for prostatitis.

Replace manual massage vibrating devices, of course, fully be able. But as an alternative pretty well proven.

At correct carrying out of massage procedures by using stimulants it is possible to achieve:

  • the resumption of the outflow of the secretions;
  • normalization of blood flow;
  • eliminate the negative symptoms.

In addition, using a vibrating apparatus for treatment of prostatitis can significantly improve erection and fertility. Note that rectal stimulants have all men. Such devices have the same contraindications as any massage.

Stimulants are prohibited to use:

  • during exacerbations of pathologies to prevent the spread of infections;
  • in the presence of tumor formation, and tuberculosis;
  • if there are acute ailments in the intestines.

Attention! Before using such devices it is desirable to pass the examination to exclude possible contraindications.

Also requires a thorough study of the user of a particular device and familiarization with the principle of its action. It is recommended to consult a doctor about the accuracy and regularity of the procedures.

Devices against parasites

Methods bioresonance therapy is used to treat many infectious diseases. For prostatitis instruments, able to create bio-resonance, allow a detrimental affect pathogenic particles and rebuild the energy your own cells in the healing process.

The treatment can be conducted during a prostatitis by means of the apparatus Paracelsus. Such devices can not be attributed to cheap devices. However, the use of such devices is possible not only to eliminate urological pathologies, and for treatment of many other ailments.


Any device designed for treatment of prostatitis should not be taken as the main or only therapeutic agent. The effectiveness of such treatment can be achieved only on the background rate of additional interventions and medications prescribed by the doctor after the examination.