Treatment of prostatitis folk remedies: recipes, tips and tricks

Sedentary lifestyle of most people – unlike the modern era.

This is some explanation of the fact that the spread of prostatitis received in our time.

treatment of prostatitis folk remedies

But in the previous era they were ill. Folk remedies for the treatment of this disease still exist.

More information about prostatitis in men, treatment of folk remedies will be discussed here.

What is this disease and what are its symptoms?

Prostatitis – inflammation of the male specific cancer — prostate, also known as "the second heart of men."

Inflammation of the prostate gland is divided into types: acute and chronic; bacterial, non-bacterial.

Bacterial is generally treated with antibiotics and other conventional medicine.

Non-bacterial prostatitis is a complex of disorders of the organs not always a homogeneous origin. Practice has proved that treatment of prostatitis folk remedies possible and effective.

Read more about the symptoms of prostatitis in men and its treatment folk remedies.

As treated in the old days?

As bacterial prostatitis in the past was ill a lot less often than now. At the rural way of life people have a strong immune system, venereal disease was known as an exceptional phenomenon.

In the past, prostatitis is treated with decoction of herbs with anti-bacterial effect and other natural products. Now treatment of prostatitis in men in the home folk remedies involves the following procedures.

How effective treatment of folk remedies from prostatitis?

Folk remedies cure gently, gradually, without side negative. Good in a stagnant phase of prostatitis.

What types of prostatitis is best treatable with folk remedies?

Better treated folk remedies of non-bacterial prostatitis.

Folk cure for bacterial prostatitis exist, but their application is complicated by two factors: long-term implementation procedures; the patient is permanently deprived of the opportunity to satisfy bad habits (tobacco, alcohol, eating).

The most effective folk remedies in the treatment of prostatitis

Folk treatment of prostatitis involve drinking juice, pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds.

Juice squeezed from the pulp, three weeks drinking a glass a day.

Seeds must be fresh, not fried. Their peel, green shell must be maintained. The course of treatment at least a month.

Pumpkin seeds cure prostate through they contain zinc. Besides him, half of pumpkin seeds consists of fat, saturated fatty acids, one – third of the protein with a complete set of the right person amino acids. Contain trace elements, a complete range of vitamins. This tool was used since ancient times doctors.

  • Recipe 1: Before meals to eat 100-150 raw shelled seeds in the treatment, sixty to seventy in the prevention. This daily dose of zinc. Her hold in the other recipes.
  • Recipe 2: Clean a pound of raw sunflower seeds, twist in a meat grinder. Add two hundred grams of honey. Mix until smooth mass. From the mixture roll the balls. Keep in the fridge. Eat the ball for half an hour before meals. Ball three minutes suck.
  • Recipe 3: Grind to powder the seeds. Take a day, two tablespoons. Drink water with honey.

Commonly patients have enough of the second week of this treatment once a year. If symptoms have not disappeared, repeat the treatment through week break.


At the end of April to the beginning of movement of juice before buds collect folk remedy prostatitis in men the bark of aspen with a thickness of three to five mm. Do it with gentle circular movement on the barrel so as not to damage the wood (cut from the other about DM). Dried without light.

folk remedies

Recipe infusion: 100 g bark chop, place in 0.5-liter jar. Pour two hundred grams of vodka. Close the lid for two weeks, put it in the dark. Then strain.

Application. Infusion to drink before meals 3 times a day, diluting twenty drops 1/4 Cup of water.

Recipe broth Cup of crust mix with 3/4 of a liter of boiling water. The mixture is boiled for half an hour, then insist six hours.

One table spoon of two months for an hour before a meal. Before taking to clear the bladder.

Contraindications: tannins cause constipation. If a man suffers them, it is better to choose another method of treatment. Sometimes there is an individual intolerance.

Onion and its peel

Treatment of prostatitis in men folk remedies using onion: help green feathers, bulbs and seeds.

  • Eat the turnip onion at bedtime fresh or steamed potatoes.
  • Seeds mixed with honey in equal parts, eat 1 teaspoon three times a day.
  • Make a paste of three hundred grams of onion. Add six grams of dry white wine, one hundred grams of honey. Mix, insist. Drink 50 grams three times a day.

As you can see, popular recipes treatment of prostatitis is very easy to prepare and to use.


Folk treatment of prostatitis garlic is:

  • Eat a few cloves of garlic a day.
  • Make a salad of garlic, spinach, parsley.
  • Make a cocktail of garlic, fresh lemon juice and honey. Stored in the dark for two weeks. Drink daily for 3 tablespoons.

Bees and their metabolic products

Prostatitis heal bee stings and a product of the hive — propolis.

Bite made in the tendon on both legs by a particular physician schedule. The doctor makes a bee with tweezers to the point of the bite and leaves her sting of an insect for 15 minutes.

In one session on increasing the patient gets from one to 35 bees, depending on the reaction. At the time of treatment should abandon alcohol, the consumption of products causing allergies, a visit to the sauna.


Propolis is used to resolve spasm, inflammation, combination therapy.

Recipe extract: 40 g of propolis up the glass of alcohol.

Application: 0.1 gram of the extract was mixed with two grams of cocoa butter. Make a candle. Daily eight weeks insert it. The course is repeated with a break of a month.


A popular method of treatment of prostatitis dill is: it can be eaten raw, but, more importantly, extract.

  • Per Cup of boiling water add 1 teaspoon of crushed fennel seeds. Insist half an hour.
  • To drink with sediment.
  • Drink a glass in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Every day make a fresh infusion.

Herbs and herbal

Required prostate zinc contain many of medicinal plants:

  • spring Adonis,
  • sage,
  • the roots of Aconite,
  • horsetail,
  • mustard,
  • blue cyanosis,
  • calendula,
  • plantain leaves,
  • Kalanchoe,
  • Melissa,
  • and many others.

Treatment teas

Folk treatment of prostatitis in men at home as well involves the use of different teas.

To treat prostatitis make teas from

  • parsley,
  • celery,
  • strawberry leaves,
  • dried leaves of horsetail,
  • carrots,
  • elderberry flowers.

These herbs can be taken in any proportions, together or separately. Brew like regular tea.

Parsley is a spice and medicinal herb. Restores virility. Its vitamins, minerals useful against prostatitis, blood sugar, eye, improvement of the intestinal microflora. Relieves inflammation.

Recipe: 4 teaspoons of seeds crushed. Pour one Cup of boiling water. Boil for 15 minutes. tablespoon 6 times a day.


Cranberry wipe smaller one hundred grams of berries add a teaspoon of honey. Used two tablespoons of the product twice a day until the inflammation and two weeks after that.

Peanuts with milk

To treat prostatitis folk remedies using the walnut as follows:

  • A handful of peanuts and fry them,
  • add 2 tbsp of marshmallow root,
  • put in a thermos
  • pour half a liter of boiling milk.
  • Keep the thermos open twenty minutes, then close, leave for ten hours.
  • Drink 100 g three times per day.
  • Treated ten days.

In addition in the evening, eat onions, garlic.


For treatment of prostatitis taking ginger recipe: 10 g of root is added to one hundred grams of vodka. Insist fifteen days. Drink three times a day before meals for 20 minutes at fifteen drops.

Honey sbiten

Honey sbiten is a whole natural product that is on sale.

It is composed of honey, collection of herbs in the original recipe. Contains vitamins, useful minerals, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances. Apply according to the directions on the package.

Improvement of the patient's condition is noted after the first dose.

When to expect recovery?

To relieve the symptoms of the popular methods really for a month or two. Then apply them in the form of prevention.

Ideally, permanent prevention becomes a lifestyle. In the result of acquired immunity not only from prostatitis.

Any popular recipe used for a period of not less than twenty days. Juice, parsley, garlic, honey, pollen, give the effect of in a long time. The main thing — not to quit the course three days after the first of relief. Who is showing will live long in good health.

All of these tools and methods can be used for prevention of prostatitis in men folk remedies.

Than you complete the treatment?

For successful treatment you need to change the way of life, thinking, the psychology of the patient.

To eliminate negative factors: alcohol, immobility, hypothermia. To normalize sexual life. Diet.

In bacterial prostatitis, it is better to be treated with antibiotics. Folk remedies to apply in the absence of access to traditional treatment.

Of prostatitis requires hospitalization in severe cases, when outpatient treatment has not given effect. Sometimes patients helps only a surgical procedure.


Flour (3 tbsp.) mix with teaspoons eggs, honey until the dough. Do candles. Put in the freezer.

Month plug-in in the evening and morning. The course resumed after a seven-day break.


  • In the morning after rising five minutes doing the perineal massage.
  • Before meals be in full growth. Slightly sit down.
  • Alternately raise the knees forward. Morning and evening for five minutes.
  • More walk, run, move in any form.

Daily to take a warm (43 degrees Celsius) sitz bath. Improves blood circulation.


Do with hot decoction of chamomile, succession, sage, milk and butter. Pre-heat over the body with bags of salt, sand, wax.


In order to avoid contraindications before taking traditional medicines consult with the doctor.

However, natural remedies usually have much less harmful effects than those that you buy in pharmacies.

Using personally collected in the woods, the garden or bought in the market of conventional food products for this purpose, medicinal herbs, at least you will be sure that they will not cause you harm, because you already use them as food. It is only purposefully chosen methods of such use.


Not timely cured prostatitis becomes chronic, causes complications, such as cystitis, abscess of prostate, pyelonephritis, adenoma of the prostate. Complications entail infertility. The sooner you start to solve the problem, the more reliable the result will be.