The cure of prostatitis: a fast-acting and inexpensive drugs

For treatment of prostatitis urologists used a variety of drugs produced in the form of tablets, suppositories and solutions for injection. Since it is usually prostatitis develops due to contact with the gland, infection urologists prescribe patients a course of antibiotics. When stagnant processes, which are also often the cause of the disease, antibiotics are also justified. Acute inflammation of the prostate gland to heal easier, but it is very important that the disease was diagnosed on time. In chronic prostatitis, often there are aggravations therefore, it is important for men to be more attentive to their health.

treatment of prostatitis


To date, there are following types of treatment of prostatitis:

  1. Symptomatic. This type of therapy necessary to get rid of the symptoms which cause the patient severe discomfort. Typically, when the development of inflammation men begin to experience a feeling of heaviness in the pelvis, pain during sexual intercourse, urination. The majority of medicines used for prostatitis, quickly removes the symptoms. In this regard, many patients regard them as more effective drugs. In fact, it is not so, because without impact on the causes of disease to cure inflammation of the prostate will not succeed.
  2. Second. Aimed at getting rid of the causes of development of inflammatory process in the prostate gland. Most often the disease develops because of penetration into the pelvic infection, so apply an antibacterial drugs for the treatment of prostatitis. The attending physician selects the most effective drugs on the basis of the results of the survey.

Antibacterial drugs

The most effective cure for prostatitis, if there is an infection – bacterial product. It is used in acute and in chronic form of the disease. If prostatitis symptoms are expressed very poorly, this treatment is also used in urology. For the treatment of non-infectious prostatitis can also be applied Antibacterials. A course of antibiotics is prescribed according to a certain scheme.

Effective treatment of prostatitis is selected based on the type of agent, the cure may be appointed on the basis of the inflammatory process.

When the disease in an acute form the most effective tablets from prostatitis – medications broad spectrum. For getting rid of chronic prostatitis antibacterial agents used during the month. The course may be extended up to 60 days.

The best cure for prostatitis is currently is an antibiotic from the fluoroquinolones group. It is fast, but has a number of serious side effects. Such medications are inexpensive and are sold in all pharmacies.

Sometimes when prostatitis used tetracyclines. The drug is not always well tolerated by patients, therefore, assigned at the present time not so much. To treat prostatitis and possible drugs of the penicillin group.

During the selection of an antibacterial drug necessary to take into account its ability to accumulate in the required amount in the prostate gland. In some cases, to treat prostatitis in the acute form you must use two types of antibiotics. So they will be most effective.

The development of the inflammatory process can affect not only bacteria, but fungal infections.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Many medications designed for treatment of prostatitis, possess both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.

This drug is not very cheap, but quite effective in case of poor microcirculation, the presence of blood clots in the prostate gland, swelling, impaired urination. The composition contains extract of bull prostate. Depending on the degree of change in the tissues of the prostate the drug is administered in the form of rectal suppositories or tablets. The tool can be used for the treatment of reduced potency, as well as after surgical interventions.

Pain medicines and alpha-blockers

What type of detergent should I use for severe pain, manifested in the pelvic area for acute prostatitis, you should ask the doctor.

medicines from prostatitis

These drugs are used in the form of suppositories. This form allows to achieve quick results due to the proximity of the rectal wall and prostate. Active substance suppository virtually no the liver and other organs do not cause irritation of the digestive tract. These drugs reduce inflammation, reduce itching, remove pain, increase the ability of cells to regenerate.

The use of alpha-blockers justified prostate inflammation, urination disorders.

These drugs lower the tone of the muscle fibers of the bladder, prevents the development of hypertension.

Taking medication containing a complex of minerals and vitamins, shown to almost all men with prostate disease, as the inflammatory processes, especially occurring for a long time, always cause a reduction in immunity, weakness, depression. In the chronic form of the disease, patients become irritable, appears insomnia, reduced potency.

Today, the choice vitamin complex pharmacies quite large. Drugs differ in composition and price. The most inexpensive, but quite effective is the Alphabet. This tool is highly effective for vitamin deficiency,, weakened protective forces of the body, nervousness.