Candles from prostatitis: cheap and effective

Rectal candles from prostatitis is an effective medicine which is used for the treatment of diseases of the prostate, relieving inflammation and pain. They can't act as the only and main method of treatment of prostatitis, but quite can be part of the main course to improve its efficiency and speed up recovery.

candles from prostatitis

Indications for use

Indications for use of candles for treatment of prostatitis based on the effectiveness of one or another drug. They are appointed in the period of exacerbation of the disease and its prevention. The choice of rectal suppositories depends on the expected therapeutic effect.

Different drugs have different properties: relieve swelling, inflammation, spasm, pain, improve blood flow to the tissues of the prostate gland and restore its secretory function. Candles help to restore normal urination and prevent the stagnation of secretions that may lead to thrombosis of small vessels.

The main indications for the use of candles:

  • chronic prostatitis;
  • the postoperative intervention on the prostate gland;
  • preparing for prostate surgery;
  • acute, chronic, bacterial prostatitis;
  • urinary tract infection;
  • infectious complications of aseptic prostatitis.

The advantages and disadvantages of rectal administration of drugs

Rectal suppositories have a number of advantages over other methods of administration of drugs:

  • rapid absorption in the rectum;
  • high concentration in blood and in organs of small pelvis;
  • lower incidence of allergic reactions and other side effects;
  • the possibility of introducing medicinal substances with an unpleasant taste or odor;
  • the simplicity and possibility of self-administration, painless;
  • damage to the skin, subcutaneous tissue and blood vessels, which prevents infections, development of inflammation at the injection site;
  • the possibility of using impaired swallowing and damage to the upper digestive tract;
  • high rate of absorption in the rectum provides a concentration obtained by intramuscular injection;
  • the possibility of introduction without loss of efficacy of the compounds destroyed by digestive juices.

Candles from prostatitis have limitations in use and also a number of side effects. Contraindications to the use of candles are:

  • hypersensitivity to drug components or excipients;
  • severe liver disease and kidney failure, accompanied by severe liver, renal insufficiency;
  • injuries of the rectum and the anal sphincter;
  • intestinal bleeding;
  • inflammation of the rectum (proctitis);

When using certain candles may cause irritation of the intestinal mucosa, burning sensation, itching in the injection area. They can cause constipation, increased gas formation and bloating.

Therapeutic effects of suppositories for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate

Drugs used in candles, as a rule, have a complex impact on the course of the disease, providing several therapeutic effects.

The most important therapeutic effects:

  • analgesic;
  • antimicrobial, antiviral;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antispasmodic;
  • promotes strengthening of protective systems of an organism;
  • contributing to the restoration of damaged tissue during inflammation.

There are also combination products that contain multiple drugs.

Classification of types of candles used in lesions of the prostate, is carried out according to their therapeutic effect.


For prostatitis analgesic rectal suppositories are used for getting rid of discomfort. Rectal suppositories of this kind relate to NIP funds, possessing antipyretic and pain-relieving properties.

treatment of prostatitis

Therapeutic action they do not have, but you can get rid of the painful symptoms and thus facilitate well-being of the patient.


Rectal suppositories with antibiotics can rightly be called the leading medication lesions of the prostate. The systematic use of such suppositories body is saturated with antibacterial substances contained in their composition. Provided that the right approach antibacterial candles able to completely cure the disease at home.

The advantage of rectal suppositories with antibiotics is the fact that they completely dissolve in the intestine. Harmful components are not the liver, so the negative impact on the body is prevented 100%.


Rectal suppositories this subcategory contain in their composition of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents. The main task of these drugs is to block inflammatory processes in diseases of the prostate.

Experts say that along with the main effect of anti-inflammatory candles also cause a number of side effects, including constipation, pain in the lower abdomen, kidney failure, pancreatitis, flatulence.

Anti-inflammatory rectal suppositories can be used only on prescription, in a strictly specified amounts.


Drugs in this category are intended to normalize the structure of the prostate tissue. Immunomodulatory rectal suppositories intensely stimulate the process of cell growth and the regeneration of damaged tissues. In addition, they heal wounds and strengthen the immune system

Active ingredients rectal suppositories of this group provide anti-inflammatory effect and accelerate the process of maturation of white blood cells and of red blood cells.

What are the candles used for the prevention of prostatitis in men

Prostatitis is a dangerous disease with serious complications, including the formation of the adenoma, blood circulation in the rectum and impotence.

Based on the results of scientific research, doctors say that prevent inflammation of the prostate gland is several times easier than cure prostatitis brought to the chronic form.


In addition to all these rectal suppositories, which are used in the prevention and in the treatment of disease, there are candles light exposure to prevent disease. Such cases should include rectal suppositories on the basis of beeswax, propolis or honey. Also effective in the prevention of prostatitis are considered suppositories, which include cocoa butter.