Medicines from prostatitis: a rapid and inexpensive

The subject of prostatitis will always be relevant, since suffering from this disease more than 50% of modern men, among whom there are young people 25-30 years. Unfortunately prostatitis develops for many reasons. It can be like an infection that penetrates into the prostate, and lifestyle e.g. lack of exercise, which forms stagnation in the pelvis, causing inflammation.

treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis an unpleasant and quite painful disease, as when inflammation of the prostate gland deteriorates in urine, characterized by pain syndrome. Today there are many medications that can quickly relieve the symptoms, to quench the pain and even cure chronic prostatitis. What is the cure for prostatitis is better to take in acute and chronic form of the disease, the most popular cure for prostatitis cheap and effective, we will describe in this article.

Treatment of prostatitis in men: the medication

Yourself to cure prostatitis the patient can not even personal experience of people who had similar symptoms and described treatment method on the forums will not be able to help you overcome this disease. Why? The fact that the drugs prescribed by the doctor fully match your history. Drug therapy is assigned by the following criteria:

  • The age of the patient. In older adults the cardiovascular system weakens with age, and many medicines from prostatitis in men, negatively influence the functioning of the liver, kidneys and heart. When prescribing this fact must be taken into account;
  • The stage of the disease. If it is early prostatitis, appointed sparing drugs, and when the inflammation reaches its climax – is assigned to intensive therapy and are often advanced forms of prostatitis treatment in the hospital;
  • Associated ailments. Often along with prostatitis in men, urethritis and identify other pathological conditions. Considering all these details, a specialist will prescribe the most adaptive range of drugs;
  • Individual contraindications. Often the pathology to be treated by antibiotics, and their range is wide enough, the doctor initially prescribes blood work and determines which group of drugs will be effective to influence inflammation.

Also when diagnosing the doctor identifies the root cause of inflammation. In 90% of cases of prostatitis causes the infection, but today began to install these causes of prostate inflammation:

  • Trauma to the genitals;
  • Physical inactivity (lack of exercise);
  • Inflammation in the rectum;
  • Chronic constipation (poor bowel movement);
  • Venereal disease (gonorrhea, chlamydia) etc.
  • Hormonal failure.

All these factors have a direct impact on the prostate. Only if the cause of the disease, you can assign qualitative and local preparations that will help to quickly and effectively cure the disease.

What is the cure for prostatitis is better: an overview of dosage forms

Cure prostatitis in men should designate a complex, that is no one specific drug that affects the inflammation and relieves the symptoms. When a doctor prescribes the therapy, it can include multiple dosage forms, namely:

  • Rectal suppositories. They quickly relieve the symptoms, relieve the pain and improve the microflora;
  • Injections. Usually prescribed in hospitals are the primary treatment. Injections are used in the advanced form of prostatitis, as the drug quickly penetrates into the affected tissue;
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (nonsteroidal). Effectively reduce inflammation;
  • Instillation. This treatment involves insertion of the drug directly to the inflammation;
  • Microclysters. More relevant to traditional methods of fighting the disease. Appointed in chronic prostatitis. Are made based on herbs that reduce inflammation of the prostate;
  • Pills. Often used when no identified etiology. These include broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Each medication has its own particular use. To combine several types of drugs can only be a doctor, knowing the patient's history. It is proved that a comprehensive treatment faster helps to get rid of pain and to treat a pathological condition.

drugs from prostatitis

Tablets from prostatitis cheap and effective

Fast cure for prostatitis is not yet invented. There are a number of drugs that will effectively remove the symptoms, but the treatment may take 7 to 14 days. If the doctor determined that the cause of prostatitis is infection the first are appointed Antibacterials.


Mostly antibiotics are prescribed broad-spectrum, because they contribute to the destruction of many types of pathogenic agents. Today there are three large groups of antibiotics:

  • Tetracyclines;
  • Penicillins.


Presented to a group of medicines makes life easier for many patients who suffer from running and acute forms of prostatitis. Used medication for prostatitis and BPH, are therefore used everywhere.

Stimulants of blood circulation<

With any kind of pathology of blood circulation in the body. So taking this group of drugs is inevitable.

Rectal suppositories

Used for quick relief of symptoms. Plus this form of the drug that it passes through the stomach, and does not act adversely on the blood, liver and kidneys.


If all of the above drugs have a strict combination, which knows a doctor, the vitamins for men is written for any form of treatment, as the body during treatment subjected to extreme tension and stress. Chronic illness hits hard, the protective functions of the body.