What excited guys?

Most men love eyes. Often the beloved is excited not only from the view of a woman, but from carelessly thrown phrase with a special tone of gentle touches or, conversely, rude and more. You can observe your partner and to learn more about it.

arousal men

Appearance and behavior

The main role in attracting men plays a stimulating appearance. Every man can seduce with different clothes depending on his preferences: you need to discreetly find out what excites him the most or just to watch. Most often it is clothing made of soft or silky fabrics, slinky, all-natural female curves, and convex parts of the body.

If the girl has a beautiful taut Breasts, then you can remove the bra: nipples peeking through light clothing, to excite all men without exception. Another effective tip – sometimes not wear panties. It should be hinted to your other half about it. Can be done in another way: just guide his hand underneath the clothes. Or you can sit so that he noticed the absence of panties.

There are several attributes to excite men:

  • the high-heeled shoes;
  • sexy cuts on dresses and skirts, from under which are visible stockings;
  • neckline, which shows the space between the Breasts;
  • long hair well groomed;
  • a fitted leather dress red or black;
  • open shoulders and neck;
  • naked belly;
  • translucent clothing.

To awaken the sensual sphere men should know what is he thinking, what was troubling him and, above all, what his attitude. It is impossible to bring your mate if he thinks about unpleasant working time or on the car. If you choose the wrong moment, or the guy won't notice your attempts, or very angry. Before you start seducing the guy, you need to know what he's thinking at this moment, and to understand how it can be of interest.

The most effective way – excitation with carelessly thrown phrases with sexual connotations or a certain tone.

This method helps to generate a feeling of arousal very quickly, without even touching the body of the partner is the Supreme technique.

For example, if you are a young person where there is privacy, it is best to do something nice that will be able to relax. For example, it is possible to gently kiss his neck, quietly leaning close to her, or to make something more erotic. This will lead the young man in delight. If you know what to whisper to his companion's ear at the right moment, it will play in your favor.

The words have to roll like a gentle wave of sincerity, but most importantly needs to be appropriate. In another case, false or inappropriate sayings will be listened to or completely ruin everything.

To excite the young man need to know his emotional and sensual sphere. This depends largely on what words you can say to him to initiate.

To choose it very carefully when you know a man is not the first day. This will help the time you spend together (the more the better). Know fancy and preferences of the second half.

Should know that definitely not all men are fans of direct words and phrases. There are some men who like straightforwardness, but most of them for the mystique and mystery. Such ambiguous phrases cause men to approach quickly with your partner, especially if she says it's the right tone and with a certain mystery in his voice.

To understand what words are best suited for the initiation of young men, we should remember that praise is a wonderful option. It increases self-esteem, liberating the second half and flatters his vanity.

If you release compliments any man, that he soon before you can stand. This should be done with great care and not overdo things and not false. No need to invent anything, and turn his weaknesses into strengths. After these acrid and poignant observations as may seem to him unlikely that anything will happen in bed.

There are many options that can praise the second half. To do this, just listen to what he says, and notice the original act from his side. Simply put – you need to find the strengths of your men. In this case, you will be able to find a way to excite the young man.

arousal men foreplay


Some girls think men don't like foreplay. It is a profound mistake. The stronger sex excited from how a girl touches lips different areas of his body. It is necessary to observe how the partner reacts to any touches in different areas.

The erogenous zones of all men are in different places. Almost without exception, men love it when you gently caress the lips with their nipples and Breasts. Sensitivity in this area they have developed no less than in girls.

What excited young people can be understood if gently to touch, to bite, to suck different parts of the body, using all their imagination in this direction. The most erogenous zone is the inside of your thighs. Even if you start by gently stroking this area, young people are likely to very excitat, as well as with light kisses in the same area.

Normal kissing is also possible to make original and exciting. There is an opinion that the sky is a very erogenous zone for men, so when you kiss tongue to gently touch, to touch him.

In addition, you can play with the lower lip: to SIP, to bite, to pinch between my lips, but the most important thing is to do it gently to give pleasant moments, as described in the French novels of the last century.

Another erogenous zone in men is the spine. What exactly may be the young man? For example, from a reverent touch, a pleasant massage.

Very strong stimulation cause tender kisses in the lower back and around spine. You can start with the spine and then gradually move either the back or the neck and the head. The course can be spent relaxing or busy tongue. Although it is best to alternate to avoid monotony.

The stomach is an erogenous zone. The most sensitive area, located between the genitals and the navel. She should be given the most attention before intercourse. Kissing should be passionate and gentle at the same time – they have a loved one in seconds. No need to come down in the last region can be about 2 minutes. With such languor, the pleasure only increases, and the excitement reaches its highest peak.

Excitation at a distance

What more could a Horny young man? How to do it at a distance? First of all, you should work on look. To seduce way everywhere: in the bar, on the street or anywhere else. To attract a guy, you need to keep your eyes on him until, until he will look and then look away. The game looks, there is something attractive for men, unattainable. Therefore, the probability that it will be suitable to meet a person.

Often, the distance to the desired goal much more than a meter. To excite a guy at a distance, you can use other ways. However, remember that they're not all and not in all situations. If skillfully to use them, they will have the same effect as touch.

In today's world sometimes you want to excite a young man, not only in reality but in the virtual network.

When excited by her boyfriend in the Internet most important to choose the exact phrase. Virtual communication involves more explicit and precise words.

When it comes to correspondence, it should be based on frankness and freedom, if Skype and similar instant messengers, you can connect the right intonation.

By phone or Skype can be inserted into the conversation gentle compliments and frivolous remarks, while making their voice sexy and pleasant.

The most assertive and confident girls can have sex on the phone, allowing himself the imitation of moaning and sexual sighs. In our time, phone sex is very popular and leads to ecstasy both of them. Stimulating phrase is capable of performing real miracles.


Every man is excited only from a certain tone, underwear and other small parts. That is why you should observe how long it takes for each method you apply and notice that most quickly excites the second half.

For example, it is believed that the ears an erogenous zone. Indeed, some men have it, but not all.

The same can be said about the area of the nose. Not everyone likes touching the face. Every man needs an individual approach. It is especially necessary to follow its response to your gestures and touch in the beginning of the relationship. What exactly don't need to do is to shift all the habits with the former young man at the present. Each person is different and everyone has different reaction to individual actions.

blockquote>do Not be afraid to introduce new elements into the relationship, you just have to be careful. Because if you do not try something new, you never know what it is like for a young man.

No need to be afraid that the representative of the stronger sex thinks the girl is inept in terms of sex.

Adequate person will be attentive and realize that she is just as, perhaps, he's searching for mutual approaches. Partners need some time to create a familiar atmosphere with each other.

The most striking stimulating effect is, of course, kiss. If a man really loves you, your every touch of lips or hands will cause him physical stress.

If a man is about something requests, then listen to his requests, as this will greatly improve your relationships and facilitate mutual understanding. Talking will help to remove omissions, and you will feel better.