Prostatitis: symptoms and treatment - effective remedies

Symptoms and treatment of prostatitis every man must know because more than 80% of the male population facing this problem for life. The prostate is an important element of the human reproductive system. It secretes, which provides the livelihoods and mobility of sperm cells, the pathologies of cancer primarily affect men's sexual activity. Also there are problems in the urinary system, because the urethra passes through the thickness of the prostate. Treatment of prostatitis is based on the intake of antibiotics and courses of massage, in severe cases, resort to surgical intervention.

If time does not cure the disease, develop serious complications – infertility, prostate cancer.

prostatitis in men

Symptoms and signs of prostatitis

The earliest signs of prostatitis in men are difficulty with excretion of urine, and pain during urination. This is because the inflamed gland greatly increases in size and compresses urinariorum the canal which runs through it. In severe cases the lumen of the urethra is completely blocked, and the patient requires urgent surgery

Since the prostate is an organ of the male reproductive system, suffering reproductive function and reduced quality of erections. The penis is filled with blood not fully, and sometimes the erection does not occur, also decreases the desire to have sex – reduced libido. In addition, most men complain of appearance or increased pain in the perineum during the period of excitation.

Problems with erection and urination are two early symptoms, with the development of the disease they are joined by other signs:

  • a burning sensation in the crotch area;
  • soreness during bowel movements;
  • the presence in urine of bright threads, which float on the surface;
  • unusual discharge from the urethral canal.

The nature of the disease distinguish acute and chronic prostatitis. Their manifestation is somewhat different: in the acute form, impaired General health, the temperature rises and the clinical picture of chronic inflammation resembles the symptoms of BPH.

Acute prostatitis in men

The disease begins suddenly, the temperature rises to 39 degrees, impaired General health, male pees all the time. Urine in small portions, the entire act of urination is accompanied by severe pain in the perineum, urethra and lower abdomen. Throughout the disease the discomfort is felt in the groin, sometimes in the rectum.

Sexual attraction is lost, erection is weak or absent. From the urethral orifice stands out stringy mucus: transparent viral prostatitis or greenish, pus – bacterial.

Acute inflammation of the patient is accompanied by lethargy, fatigue and decreased performance.

Chronic prostatitis

Prostatitis with chronic develops slowly. Initially, the symptoms of a weak, worried little man, but over time it grows. Soon the slight discomfort becomes a serious problem. So at the first signs you need to contact the urologist who will help to get rid of inflammation and to drive it into long-term remission.

The characteristic manifestations of chronic inflammation of the prostate gland:

symptoms of prostatitis
  • aching pain in the abdomen, which speculum in the testicles, intestines and perineum;
  • increased urge to empty the bladder, which cause soreness and burning sensation;
  • time sexual intimacy is shortened. This is due to the stable discomfort that was felt as a man;
  • complete loss or reduction of cravings for sexual activity (libido);
  • problems with ejaculation, ejection of sperm painful, decreases its strength and range;
  • discharge from the urethra, which usually appear after or during a trip to the toilet.

Chronic prostatitis often leads to complications because it's harder to diagnose. Sometimes the disease can a few years to manifest itself actively, and then a few days can lead to unpleasant consequences. Doctors advise men to undergo periodic preventive examination by a urologists, so as not to miss a hidden inflammation.

Correct diagnosis

To diagnose prostatitis, the main role is played by the examination and questioning of the patient. Typical complaints suggest doctor for a correct diagnosis, and finger examination through the anus and additional methods of examinations help confirm it.

If the prostate is inflamed, during rectal palpation, the patient will complain of severe pain and in chronic prostatitis – an unpleasant, somewhat painful. To the touch is determined that the prostate is enlarged and swollen.

In order to be convinced in the diagnosis, the urologist appoints additional tests:

  • bacteriological analysis of urine – urine is plated in a special environment, where he grows the microbe that caused the inflammation. The analysis is relevant only when the bacteriological nature of the disease. To identify viral prostatitis, there are other methods;
  • the analysis of secretions secreted prostate gland;
  • prostate biopsy is administered in the situation when there is suspicion of the presence of cancerous transformation of the body;
  • uroflowmetry.

Timely diagnosis allows you to assign the correct treatment and to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Treatment of prostatitis

To the treatment of prostatitis was the most efficient and quickly brought the desired result, doctors use a holistic therapy. It includes physical exercises, massage, drugs, and folk remedies. In severe cases, when conservative treatment does not lead to cure, you have to resort to surgery.

The healing process takes a long period of time, but subject to all of the appointments, the Outlook is positive. Most men manage to forget about the unpleasant symptoms of inflammation.

treatment of prostatitis

What drugs are used for treatment of prostatitis?

To combat inflammation of the prostate is preferable to use medicines which are available in the form of rectal suppositories. Using this way of getting the drug in the body, it begins to act exactly at the place of destination, without exerting toxic effects on other organs.

As always you can set three group of drugs that fight the pathogen, reduce inflammation and swelling and reduce pain:

  • antibacterial agents (antibiotics);
  • blockers alpha-adrenergic receptors;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents.

It is important not to self-medicate because the medication should be taken on an individual scheme. Do not mix different medicines. Before the introduction of candles, you need to make sure that the previous dissolved.

The most effective folk remedies

Folk remedies is well established in the treatment of prostate cancer. One of the most effective methods is considered the use of pumpkin seeds. A day you need to eat about 30-40 pieces of raw sunflower seeds. This will provide the needs of the male body, the zinc support prostate function.

You can also mix 500 g of chopped peeled seeds with a glass of honey. The resulting mixture roll into small balls, about the size of a walnut. Use one ball twice a day shortly before meal. It is important not to quickly swallow the honey, and gradually sucked it like candy. Store the drug should be refrigerated to avoid spoilage. Before using for a few hours you need to put it to the balls wasn't too cold.

Pumpkins, folk medicine recommends the use of green peel chestnuts. It is necessary to collect, wash thoroughly, boil and drink instead of tea 1-2 times a day. As brown tea increases the appetite, then drink it shortly before eating.


During inflammation occur stagnation in the prostate gland that cause swelling and soreness of the body. Physical exercise will help to disperse the blood allow the hardware to tone and speed up metabolism. Therapeutic exercise consists of static and dynamic exercise, also can do special exercises on Kegel, which is the reduction and relaxation of muscles, located in the bottom of the pelvis.

Static exercises will help to maintain the proper tone of the pelvic floor and abdomen, and the dynamic will relieve congestion of the pelvic organs.

Classes Kegel belong to the dynamic type of exercise. During a gymnastics necessary to alternately contract and relax pelvic muscles, periodically changing the intensity and duration of stress.

Massage to treat prostatitis

For relieving the symptoms of prostatitis doctors prescribe prostate massage. There are two various techniques – direct and indirect. Direct massage is pressure on the gland through the wall of the rectum. Since its management requires penetration into the intestine through the anus, this massage is best left to the specialist and not to self-medicate.

Massage according to the second method (indirect) the patient may conduct himself. For this you need to lie down, relax and begin to gently push on the center of the perineum between the testicles and anus, gradually increasing the intensity of the pressure. The procedure should not cause pain, otherwise as soon as possible to consult a doctor.

hot tubs

Hot tubs

Hot baths for prostatitis is allowed only in the period of remission of the disease, during exacerbation can only take baths, the water temperature does not exceed 35 degrees.

During the procedure, the lower abdomen, perineum and anal area gently rubbed with a washcloth. The duration of submersion in water should be no more than 15 minutes. It is important that the room was quite warm, as hypothermia or extreme changes in temperature will only aggravate the patient's condition.

For best results in bath, you can add the decoction of pine needles, oak bark and chamomile.

Surgery for prostatitis

To surgical methods of treatment of prostatitis is resorted to only in extreme cases when medications have no effect.

There are two kinds of operations:

  • TOUR – resection of the prostate through the urethra. Method is good because it did not made the cut, and all manipulations are carried out through the urethra. Surgeons remove part or all of the prostate, thereby reducing compression of the urethra and relieving symptoms of prostatitis;
  • prostatectomy is an open surgery to remove the prostate gland. Is failing transurethral resection, has a more prolonged recovery period.

What are the possible complications of prostatitis?

If you ignore the symptoms of prostatitis and not to fight with the disease, the infection will spread to adjacent organs and trigger the occurrence of complications:

  • vesiculitis;
  • urethritis;
  • the appearance of abscesses in the prostate or in organs that are close;
  • sclerotic changes of the prostate gland.

The worst thing which can lead to untreated prostatitis is infertility or cancerous transformation of prostate tissues.

Prevention of prostatitis

To avoid unpleasant disease, you need to monitor the condition of the prostate and to undergo regular preventive examination.

prevention of prostatitis

In addition, to reduce the risk will help a few simple rules:

  • sports;
  • avoiding prolonged sitting position;
  • regular emptying of the prostate – consummated sexual intercourse or Masturbation;
  • the procedure of hardening.

You can also do special exercises, indirect massage of the prostate and take a cold shower aimed at the crotch.