Means of increasing potency

What does the term "potency" is known to every man. What it means to have sex. Good potency is the most important and, in fact, the main symbol of sexual power, the representative of the stronger sex. It's safe to call her one of the most striking indicators of men's health.

means to increase potency

Potency is not a constant. This means that its level is constantly changing depending on a number of different factors. A man can survive as peak of a condition of their sexual opportunities, and downtime.

Reasons that one way or another affect the "potential" opportunities, can be called a lot. One of them falls and health status, and the age and psychological characteristics of the person and the specific circumstances (the date, the feeling of love, a sudden passion, a change in sexual partner, a cooling of relations, the oversaturation of sexual acts and more).

It is worth considering that to judge the potency of men, focusing on his sex life, the wrong method. Very often the man is not able to realize their potential in bed for a number of reasons. Problems of the social plan passivity, isolation, self-doubt, this can be attributed to problems with appearance (often flimsy), financial insecurity, etc. But all this in no way reduces the natural data men.

The consequences of such "defects" can be diametrically opposed. Prolonged abstinence, often forced, glows the man, forcing him to actively look for a partner and conduct a more vigorous sexual acts — in fact, the transition to the highest degree of sexual power. However, if abstinence was too long, the effect on sexual performance will be negative potency worsen (the principle of process is similar to muscle atrophy in still life).

Occasional episodes of poor erection, as a rule, are a consequence of temporal life factors of fatigue, lack of desire, bad mood, etc., However most serious diseases start with small things, so you need to be alert.

Potency may fall to a dangerously low level (when a man feels stable difficulties with the performance of his party in sex) for a variety of reasons. Constantly being in a state of stress (not to be confused with strong short-term stress — they just might be a big help in intimate Affairs, think classic "sex after the quarrel is worth every quarrel"), again prolonged state of fatigue, deep psychological problems. Separate (and very basic) group is made up of a variety of diseases of the genitourinary system.

An extreme stage of problems with male sexuality — impotence. This term implies the impossibility of doing a man a full sexual life. This is reflected, first, in the absence of a proper erection in this situation, the man may not have intercourse, unable to satisfy himself or his partner. Thus, impotence is the true impotence.

Of course, such a situation raises a logical question — what to do with this "gift" of fate? Answers many representatives of a strong half of humanity, alas, not too farsighted. The vast majority actually waiting for the sea weather, completely ignoring the problems with potency, while they do not create serious inconvenience. Unfortunately, the stereotype that real men because of sores every doctor does not run plays with these same "real men" a bad joke.

Additional problems creates public opinion, forming several contemptuous and derogatory attitude towards men who suffer from sexual impotence (another reason to gloss over the problem), and a simple unwillingness to show their weaknesses anyone was also present.

In the end, running to the sad state of the disease, with emotions, problems in his personal life and disappointment in myself.

Means to increase potency — what to choose?

how to increase the potency

The main audience of the disease men 40 years and older. The greater the age, the greater the risk to provoke impotence, and the more attention must be paid to this problem. However, among young men is unlucky: among men older than 21 years every tenth in varying degrees, suffer from sexual dysfunction.

On the one hand, not too comforting information. On the other, only five percent overage male impotence becomes irreversible stage. It follows a simple conclusion stop complaining about fate and looking for a way out — or rather, the means to increase potency.

For a start it raises the question of how to increase the potency in which direction to work? The best treatment is prevention, and it is good to remember all men. For those who are already faced with erectile dysfunction or suffering from it now, preventive measures will reduce the risk of relapse, and those who attack are not affected, will help to avoid it in the future.

The best means for potency healthy men, healthy lifestyle, exercise, low alcohol and Smoking. Try to be more active and to monitor their condition. Less seat in the chair, the more traffic.

However, what if your man's strength does not correspond to your desires? How to increase the potency? You will come to the aid funds to increase potency.

The effect of these drugs is aimed at the restoration of male sexual function to normal levels, or its "reincarnation" in the case of manifestations of impotence.

For the treatment of potency: historical aspect

Potency — the question that troubled men of all times and peoples. Talking about this ancient manuscripts, archaeological finds and much more. In fact, since then, when people realized that the process of reproduction is a source of tremendous pleasure, was a question about the constant "combat readiness". As she increased the potency of our ancestors a special question. Among the ancient means for potency was the most incredible drug of non-standard components. To increase the potency actively used and the various rites of magical or religious orientation, sacrifices and much more.

With many men potency, increase they wanted, played a cruel joke. This issue has always been very sensitive and shameful, so men tried to hide their need in the media for potency. Unfortunately, this played into the hands of an army of various charlatans and swindlers who sell fake money, increase potency. Even if the medicine will be powerless to advertise that no one will be ashamed.

However, even a means for potency from trusted manufacturers were by no means a panacea. As a rule, they had a lot of side effects. Increased potency was accompanied by no less strong disruptions in the body.

One of the popular modern brands means that increase the potency is fly. Not everyone knows that this means to increase potency used a few centuries ago. The basis of the drug was a substance for increasing potency and extracted from the beetle, which "fly" was called.

All is good, but in addition to the undoubtedly positive effect of strengthening men's sexual abilities, "fly" beat almost all the internal organs. Means for potency damaged the stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, and Central nervous system that did not add comfort in life. Too punchy (due to the frequent use of the drug) solution to the question of how to increase the potency could easily lead to death. However, the flow of those who were not afraid to use risky means to increase potency, not exhausted.

Of course, not always to increase potency used such drastic methods. For example, the Eastern means for potency is usually not used advanced recovery methods erections, with an emphasis on health and prevention.

However, only in the twentieth century it became possible to increase the potency without significant risk to the health of men and with guaranteed effect.

How to increase the potency: state of art

increased potency

Modern medicine man provides a wide range of tools for potency, however, the process of increasing potency is not confined to mere preparations. An integral part of treatment is diagnosis, allow you to accurately determine the specific cause of problems with potency.

For the treatment of potency must comply not only with the "General male" settings, but also individual characteristics of a particular organism.

Modern medicine generally divided into single action drugs and generic. First serve only to increase potency for a short period of time for a single intercourse. The second applies more widely, as it can be used as a single tool, and for those who want to normalize their potency, to improve it by the whole course of the drug.

It should be borne in mind that the effect of any remedy for potency, is not a treatment. That is, the effect persists as long as it lasts the application. Some drugs intended for course use, give General health and restorative effect, but help may not in all situations.

Any means for potency is not is useful if the patient has obvious severe disease of the genitourinary system — in this case it is necessary to consider the full treatment, not limited to the administration of any drugs.

Means to increase potency have their own classification. It takes into account parameters such as speed of onset and duration of effect, the nature of the excitation, the total period of effects on the body, etc.

In addition, the means that increase potency, differ in the type of application. In some cases, one-time increase in potency is due to the injection of the drug directly into the penis (applied so products are already considered obsolete). The only noticeable advantage of this method is almost instantaneous onset of erection.

A much more effective way that produces normal potency (which should enhance a more acceptable way) is the use of tablets and capsules of drugs, such as viagra, cialis, levitra.

Viagra is the most publicized means for potency, but for all its virtues it is not the best. Perhaps the most effective should recognize cialis is a remedy to increase potency is able to help the man during the day (whereas the effect of viagra lasts longer than 4 hours).