How to increase potency in men

Today is the third part of the male all over the world, one way or another, dissatisfied with their level of potency. It is common in men of Mature and middle-aged and the younger generation, who increasingly begin to use the drugs to improve potency. Hesitate to contact a specialist who could tell you how to increase male potency natural ways, males resort to synthetic drugs. Special medicines to improve potency are helpers which act immediately. This is their only advantage. Viagra, for example, begins its action in 30 minutes after taking the pill and remains active on the continuation of the 5 hours.

The increase in potency level of the house

how to increase the potency

Information about how to increase potency in men there are many. However, not all indicated that this improvement should start with actions that are aimed at qualitative improvement of the body as a whole. The state of the man's body directly affects his sexual function.

To learn how to increase the potency at home, you need to determine the severity of the problems faced by man. There is a dysfunction of the prolonged nature or short-term. If the problem erections are long, you need to seek help from a specialist. However, if the problems are intermittent, they can be solved independently, using folk remedies.

Increased potency in a natural way assumes

  1. The quality of food. The food which a man consumes on a daily basis, should contain all substances necessary for an adult man according to his age. The main vitamins needed by the male body is selenium, zinc, and vitamins b, C and E. they will help to decide how to increase the potency and quickly restore the body.
  2. Exercises. Special workout that will help increase blood circulation in the genital organs, as well as to pump up the pubic muscles and muscles of the coccyx. These exercises do not require a lot of time on their performance, but the result may come after a week of proper training.
  3. The correct level of testosterone. In men middle-aged and older it starts to decrease gradually. Thus, after 25 years, the level of testosterone in the male body reduced by about 1.5% for the year. Insufficient amount of hormone directly affects his sexual function and libido representative of the stronger sex. Why sexual performance men depend directly on the level of his testosterone.
  4. A proper weight. The extra weight in the male body is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. When the weight exceeds the limit, this leads to a reduction of the hormone testosterone and increase the female hormone estrogen, it is not necessary strong floor in large quantity. Due to excess weight the health deteriorates, which can lead not only to problems with erection, but also to diabetes mellitus, diseases associated with heart and blood vessels. In healthy male waist circumference should not exceed 94 cm
  5. A healthy way of life. It is very important for normal functioning of sex organs to abandon the excessive use of alcoholic beverages, Smoking and other drugs. Doctors have long proved to the world that Smoking directly affects the quality of potency of the male body. You also need to exercise more to move. Especially men with sedentary occupations. Physical activity is important for overall men's health, and extra exercise will significantly improve the condition of the body. Moreover, for such men there is the Kegel exercise, which is performed in the sitting position and help to train the pubic muscles. Depression, stress, anxiety badly affect the health of the genital organs, as well as lack of sleep.
proper nutrition for potency

Therefore, only each individual man to decide how to increase the potency at home: fast or efficiently. And stick to the correct daily regime that will help restore the overall health and condition of the genital organs.

Folk remedies to improve the potency

If you have problems with potency, folk remedies increase erection quality is not worse than drugs. We are talking about what a man should include in your daily diet nuts and seeds, which contain large amounts of vitamin E. you can mix the almonds, sesame and honey, restoring the ability of male sexual attraction. Will help and pine nuts, and walnuts, which can also be mixed with honey and consumed 2 tsp after meals daily.

All of these nuts and seeds can be eaten in any form that will help to improve potency and sexual desire men without the use of synthetic drugs.