Recipes to raise potency in men

Tested for centuries traditional medicine can help in solving such delicate problems as the strengthening and recovery of potency in men. Simple and complex, one component and combining a lot of ingredients, amazing recipes for the return, and I realize that there are many. It is important to choose the most suitable method that will not only improve the quality of the intimate side of life, but will also strengthen overall health and also to not have harm.

Proper nutrition for male power

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In restoring the male power proper and balanced diet plays a primary role. To improve male potency, improve the quality and increase the duration of sexual intercourse is recommended to enrich the usual diet with foods that include a large number of squirrels. This substance is a kind of building material for cells and plays a major role in the functioning of the reproductive system of the body.

To restore and strengthen male power need to pay attention to the following aspects concerning the rules and nuances of a balanced diet:

  • Products of animal origin. Meat low-fat varieties is an integral part of the daily menu of these men. The lack in the diet of a sufficient amount of animal protein can have a negative impact on the potency and the condition of the body.
  • Milk and milk products. To increase potency in men and improve the quality of the intimate life of the popular recipes recommended to take a daily food optimal amount of fresh milk, yogurt, and other products.
  • A variety of seafood, including algae — one of the most powerful and effective aphrodisiacs. These products for centuries, are famous for their stimulating properties. But for increasing male potency it is recommended to take their food only in cooked or raw form.
  • Vegetables, including tomatoes, onions, carrots, turnips — all of these products also help to significantly strengthen male power. However, according to folk methods, there is a certain cunning in the use of them for food. For example, a special benefit have a fresh vegetable salad dressed with great olive oil. They should have in the evening hours, and exactly at sunset.

Important! Of course, to increase potency should not focus on the food, and the quality of the products. They should be as natural and fresh as well as to undergo minimal heat treatment in cooking process, which allows to maintain almost complete vitamin composition. And saturate the body with vitamins is an important aspect to all men.

Herbal medicine

Typically, traditional recipes that are designed to strengthen and restore male power, based on the use of various collections of herbs. It should be noted that for the treatment of all diseases and strengthen the body to apply the types of plants that grow in a territorial area where a person lives. It is desirable to consider the moment selecting the most appropriate prescription.

In the field of alternative medicine are most popular following medical fees to increase potency and the recovery of erectile function in men:

  • For making funds that has a stimulating effect on hormone production, thereby contributing to increase potency in men, it is necessary to mix in equal quantities the following types of herbs: peppermint, conventional red clover, nettle, St. John's wort. Taken in form of tea daily brew at the rate of a small handful of the herbal tea and half a liter of water.
  • An effective tool, proven over the centuries: the dry red wine of high quality is necessary to mix in equal amounts with natural milk, preferably country. To this mixture add 50 grams of dry herbs and boil for a few minutes. Received elixir to drink half a Cup daily, about an hour before the main meal.
  • In Ancient Greece to increase potency and eliminate sexual weakness in men have used the following remedy: Rhodiola rosea extract, devil's, the root of Manchurian ginseng aralia. All plants are mixed in equal quantities, pour about a liter of water and boil. After the broth has cooled, store it in a cool place, protected from light. To take daily half a Cup. For best results you can drink a tablespoon before intercourse.
  • Exciting magnificent property has a natural rose essential oil. To restore sensitivity and enhance sexual arousal in men is enough to inhale the fragrant pair of the extract. And to improve erectile function in men should mix a few drops of oil with natural liquid honey and take immediately before intercourse. The result is guaranteed.

Important! To use any traditional recipes, based on the reception of decoctions of medicinal plants are recommended only in the absence of risk of development of allergic reactions. Despite the natural origin of the components, and their almost complete safety, before beginning treatment, it is still necessary to consult with your doctor.

Honey elixir

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Honey is one of the most effective stimulants. There are various traditional recipes, where the main component is used this product of beekeeping. But in order to get the maximum result, you should use the highest quality honey, natural, ultimate maturity. Otherwise, the application efficiency will be reduced to the minimum level.

In order to restore and enhance erectile function, you can use the following recipe which is quite simple, but very effective.

Liquid or melted honey mix thoroughly with an identical number of carefully ground walnuts. For grinding, it is desirable to use the grinder. The mixture was left for infusion for a few days, and then to use one tablespoon at least three times a day. You can also eat nutty honey directly before intercourse. This means not only has a beneficial effect on virility, but also significantly increases sexual desire.

Tip! Honey and walnuts are the strongest allergens. If you see any negative reactions from the body during treatment should discontinue the course.

Magic garlic

Different people's recipes recommend the intake of garlic in your food to promote health and male power. The use of this product facilitates metabolism, stimulates blood circulation. A similar effect prevents the development of stagnation in the pelvic organs, helps to improve erectile function.

Garlic can be added to food, but it is best to prepare the following tool. Kg pre-cleaned and small garlic should be placed in a thoroughly cleaned jar with a volume of three liters. Fill the tank with purified or boiled water, stir well, leave for a few days to draw. Need to drink one teaspoon daily, with or without food. The duration of the course is yet not empty the Bank. However, to note the first results will be within a few days after starting.

Tip! To get a truly effective tool, you must use for its preparation the present home of the garlic grown on their own.

Original ways

In addition to widespread there are original traditional methods of restoration of male power. Those listed below, have beneficial effects on the body, boost the immune system function, helps to speed up metabolism.

However, due to the rather drastic their impact from the use of should refrain persons who have problems with heart and blood vessels:

  • A sharp change of temperature. In this case means not a douche, and the combination of snow and steam. In order to gain youthful zeal, you need to steam the body in Russian bath, and then spend in an icy pool or, if winter in the yard, on the street, at least five minutes. To enhance the effect, you can use twigs. This procedure increases the blood circulation, activating the lymph flow to the genitals, and also prevents the development of stagnation.
  • Ice baths for the feet. The legs should be lowered into a container filled with water and pieces of ice. During the procedure there is a direct influence on the active points of the feet that improves circulation, and improves erectile function.
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Before the treatment through the use of folk remedies should remember an important rule: the best result can be achieved only if the proceedings are to be conducted regularly. If you apply them from time to time, make a lot of breaks, even if efficiency means the desired result will not.