Potency after 60 years for men – how to increase?

In most cases, to restore libido and increase potency it is customary to use special drugs and dietary supplements, and stimulating traditional medicine. Moreover, this therapy involves changing the traditional way of life. In exceptional cases, a hormonal therapy. But this rarely happens. Treatment of this type involves the use of artificial testosterone. These medications are made in solution for injections, capsules, ointments and implants.

Factors that adversely affect erections in older men

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All men's health depends on the amount of testosterone. If its quantity is insufficient in the body, problems begin with erectile function of men, reduced sexual activity. Lowering testosterone largely due to the way of life of men in old age. If a person regularly drinks alcohol, smokes, takes drugs and leads a sedentary lifestyle, it would reflect badly on life in the future.

Other reasons for the decline of male power:

  • Impotence may be a result of prostatitis caused by bacteria. It can also be the consequence of different problems with the prostate gland or cancer of the prostate.
  • If a person wrong diet and problems with excess weight, and also, if he regularly consume fatty, sweet foods, he enjoys semi-finished products, testosterone markedly reduced. In these conditions there is a favorable environment for the development of impotence.
  • Potency decreases in the case of frequent stress, emotional tension.
  • If there are sexually transmitted diseases: gonorrhea, candidiasis, chlamydia, syphilis, and so on. In older age these diseases are transferred is not so easy than in youth and in most cases affect the potency.
  • If a man has elevated blood sugar, can occur problems with potency.
  • Impotence may occur in diseases of the thyroid gland and heart.

In addition, the loss of libido in men after 60 years may be a result of continuous use of anabolic steroids and various sedatives.

Preventive exercises to improve potency in men older than 60 years

Increase potency in men older than 60 years can be achieved by physical training and sports activities that are beneficial to heart muscle (cardio). It can be mild Jogging, fitness classes, badminton, tennis and much more. Treatment should not be completely medication. If a man who is 60 or 70, and even 80 years there is a sport, then the erection problems can be forgotten. Constant exercise stabilizes the blood circulation in the male genitals. Systematically exercising, a man can easily raise your level of testosterone.

Training methods to increase potency:

  • Reaching 60 years of age, every man should systematically carry out the complex of exercises Kegel. They help to eliminate congestion in the pelvic organs. Some of the exercises Dr. Kegel involves the muscles of the penis. For example, a very good workout is the strain of muscles of a member during erection. The member has to kind of "bounce". The following exercise is done during urination, holding urine stream for a while. This exercise will help to strengthen important muscles, and in the future will significantly decrease the risk of problems with potency. There is one very easy exercise the muscles of penis, allowing to carry it in any time. Training involves compression of the pelvic floor muscles for 30 seconds. Then they relax, and then re-strain. Exercise repeat three times a day.
  • Yoga is also a beneficial effect on potency. There are specially designed for men set of exercises of yoga that improves erectile function. Properly done exercise can increase sexual energy, strengthen the body and increase his endurance.
  • Aerobic exercise. This type of physical activity is shown not to all men after the age of 60 years, but, after consulting with the urologist, you can pick up any sport. This casual walk in the fresh air and Jogging, playing volleyball, soccer and other aerobic sports.
  • Sex is necessary for prevention of all kinds of "male" disease. Good condition of potency is largely due to the regularity of sexual activity and training in this area. Don't have to have sex every day. It will be enough once in ten days.
  • Before you start treatment with all sorts of infusions and decoctions, it is recommended to study the composition of the drugs and do not overdo their use.

Diet to restore potency

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To make correct diet, you should follow certain rules:

  • Be sure to eat protein foods. You should try to exclude from the menu and fatty junk food;
  • Salt should be limited to 6 grams a day. Because of its high content in the consumed food is very poorly excreted fluid from the body;
  • With a weakened erectile function men should eat more green fruits and vegetables;
  • Do not neglect foods high in potassium and magnesium;
  • Not abuse strong drinks (black tea, coffee). All this can be replaced with herbal teas and fresh juices;
  • Alcohol is recommended to minimize. Well suited a small amount of natural red wine.

If you follow all these simple recommendations, you can preserve the potency even in old age and to enjoy sex for years to come. The main thing is to believe in yourself and your strength and regularly to implement the recommendations of the attending physician, to be more outdoors and less nervous. Be healthy!