Treatment potency

Recipes of traditional medicine are very effective and efficient means to enhance and treat male potency. Also, folk remedies have virtually no side effects and are not addictive, which makes the treatment absolutely safe. More and more people of different ages turn to the recipes of traditional medicine, as to the proven and safe methods for the treatment of male potency.

Causes of disorders of potency

treatment potency

The causes of erectile dysfunction are physiological and psychological.

Physiological causes

Chronic disease, excess weight, great physical activity, inflammatory processes, infectious diseases of the genital organs and other ailments of the body.

Psychological causes

Stress, depression, relationship issues, problems at work, mental load, experience of negative emotions, isolation, self-doubt.

To identify the true cause of problems with potency please consult a doctor. Expert advice you cannot commit, you only need to honestly answer all the questions of the doctor regarding the problems with potency. Further treatment will depend only on your approval and the desire to continue further treatment. In most cases, treatment potency is painless and long.

Treatment potency folk remedies

Herbs to treat potency

Some foods and plants can cause allergic reactions in connection with the personal intolerance of the body those substances that are contained in certain types of herbs and products. At the first sign of Allergy refuse treatment and contact the clinic.

St. John's wort

Healing properties of Hypericum relieve fatigue and relax the body. Especially St. John's wort useful for those men who are tired at work mentally or physically. St. John's wort increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, thereby enhances erection. Also, St. John's wort has antidepressant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

2 tablespoons St. John's wort pour 200 ml of hot water, infuse, covered for about an hour. The whole glass of tincture stretch to 3 times, drink a little in the morning, afternoon and evening. Each day, prepare a fresh infusion.


Nettle is rich in beneficial substances: ascorbic acid, Pantothenic acid, vitamin complex, iron, sodium and calcium.

Pour 5 tablespoons of seeds of nettles floor liters of red wine, cook over low heat 5-6 minutes. Every day drink 50 ml of tincture before going to sleep.

1 teaspoon of nettle pour hot water like regular tea. Allow to stand for. Drink half an hour before eating and an hour after a meal.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are roasted and taken 1 time a day 1 teaspoon before meals. After 3-4 days after the course, you will notice the first signs of improvement in potency.


Ginseng is rich in beneficial acids, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Thanks to this rich composition of this plant acts as a stimulant, anti-inflammatory and a stimulant. Ginseng root improves the functioning of reproductive system in men, eliminates erectile problems, relieves depression and stress.

Half a tablespoon of ginseng root mixed with 350 g of honey, cover the mixture with a lid and leave for about a week in a cool and dark place. Recipe use: 3 times daily 1 teaspoon half an hour before meals.


Lilac has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and cure erectile dysfunction.

Fresh flowers lilac grind, fill with boiling water and leave for about half an hour. Take 4 times a day 50 ml after eating.

Aspen bark

Extracts from aspen bark treat not just men's diseases associated with the reproductive system, but also female, which makes the aspen bark a universal remedy. Aspen bark restores libido and potency. The result you will be able to evaluate after a week.

The aspen bark pour alcohol and leave for about two weeks. Infusion taken before eating 50 g (no more!)

Onion peel

Onion peel positively affects the male potency and the whole body

Take 2 handfuls of husks, pour 700 ml of hot water and put to boil on minimum heat for about 5 minutes. Then cool the infusion, take half a Cup of the tincture three times a day for half an hour before or after meals.



Hop cones have a beneficial effect on virility.

Take 1 tablespoon of hop cones (pre-shredded), pour hot water and simmer on minimum heat for about 5-7 minutes. Take tincture three times a day half a Cup. The course of treatment is 1 month.

Ivan Tea

Ivan tea contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Effect on the reproductive system of men, as an anti-inflammatory. Take tea several times a day. Everything Ivan tea has a relaxing and invigorating properties.


Lemongrass is a tonic and sedative drugs. Lemongrass is used to treat chronic fatigue and as a fast-acting remedy for impotence problems.

10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse, 3-5 eat Schizandra berries and you will experience a burst of energy and masculine power.


Turnip is one of the oldest cultivated vegetables. Turnips contain vitamins (b, C, A, PP), polysaccharides and trace elements. In me there is a chemical that has antibacterial properties.

Recipe of turnip for the treatment of potency: the seeds of turnip mash and mix with honey. Take the mixture half an hour before meals. Also, you can cook the turnip, grate and eat like this. Boiled turnips increases the potency and improves libido in men.


Garlic cleanses the blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the genital organs, therefore, enhances male erection.

1 kilo of garlic, chop and put in a jar of 3 liters. Pour garlic boiled water and leave for a month. The infusion is preferably stirred every day. The tincture take 1 teaspoon a day.


Aloe Vera juice eliminates problems with erection

Take 1 leaf of aloe and squeeze the juice out of it. Mix the aloe juice with 5 tablespoons of honey. The mixture should be consumed 1 time a day 1 teaspoon.

Rowan and the rose

Take in equal proportions of dried Rowan berries and rose hips, cover them with boiling water and steep for 7 hours. Take 3 times a day half a Cup.


Thyme is an extremely medicinal herb to treat problems such as impotence and prostatitis.

100 grams of thyme flowers pour hot water, let it brew. Take twice a day and 1 tablespoon after meals.

Products for the treatment of potency

Products increase potency contain a lot of vitamin A, E and B.

Tomatoes and tomatoes

In tomatoes and tomatoes contain nutrients that enhance male sex glands.

The tomatoes need to roast in the oven, and then process them with olive oil and enjoy your meal.


Besides that nuts increase the potency, they have the ability to cure diseases of the reproductive system. Fresh nuts are best to consume immediately after purification from walnut peel. During long storage, cleaned walnut, its properties are reduced. Special properties of pistachios (unsalted). 100 grams of pistachio nuts can strengthen the body's defenses. The people know a tool that improves and treats problems with potency:

100 grams of pistachio nuts, chop and mix with a tablespoon of honey. Take every day 1 tablespoon 3 hours before bedtime. Course of treatment: 1 month.


For men in adulthood pomegranate is a powerful tool that enhances potency (similar to Viagra). The pomegranate contains a lot of healthy fats, vitamins (B6, B12, C, R), carbs, natural fructose and glucose.
Garnet is better to eat before going to sleep.


Chicken and quail eggs a beneficial effect on the reproductive system of men, thereby increasing the potency and filling the body with useful substances.

Eggs can be prepared in different ways, but the best way is fried with onions.


Tuna is recommended to take in food like young guys and men in Mature age. The fact that tuna contains a lot of vitamin D, which increases the production of the "male" hormone testosterone by 90%. Moreover, the Australian University of Health stated that the tuna has a positive effect on sperm (DNA). Tuna can be prepared in any form to your liking.


Avocado cleanses the vessels, thereby increasing blood flow to the sexual organ. Avocado is an effective remedy in the treatment of potency, but also contains many vitamins and healthy vegetable fats for the entire body.



In particular, men should pay attention to red grapes. Red grapes strengthens the male reproductive system. Just a handful of grapes a day and no more problems in sex life.


Milk contains substances that facilitate the production of the hormone testosterone and the milk is rich in amino acids that contribute to good muscle development. Drink 200 ml of milk. Don't forget that fresh milk contains bacteria which can affect the digestive system. Therefore, before taking the milk must be preheated.


Cabbage contains substances that help the body produce the testosterone hormone. Also, cabbage helps flush the body of toxins and harmful substances. Cabbage can be consumed in any form, but more useful is the fresh and sauerkraut.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is an aphrodisiac that not only improves the potency but also has relaxing properties. The cocoa content in the chocolate at least 60%.

Seaweed (seaweed)

Sea foods are rich in iodine content and strengthen blood vessels. Just one serving of seaweed a day and your body will be filled with all the necessary nutrients.

Seafood (fish, shellfish)

For the treatment and maintenance of potency in men should eat more sea fish: mackerel, flounder, mussels and shrimp. Preferably the fish is not fried, it is better to cook the fish in the oven or steamed.


Greens are very important for male sexual health, namely for male potency. Use greens fresh, add in a variety of dishes. Best cure potency: celery, cilantro, parsley, dill and Basil.


Ginger improves the potency and beneficial effect on overall health of men. Add fresh ginger to your tea and let it brew for a few minutes. You can add to ginger tea drop of fresh orange juice.

Tincture of motherwort

Take 15 grams of motherwort and pour a glass of boiled hot water. Let the tincture infuse for 60 minutes. Then strain the infusion and take 1 tablespoon up to 4 times a day.

What products harm the potency?

Men who have problems with potency, must abandon a number of products that negatively affect the cardiovascular system.

Such products include food, fast food, fizzy drinks, energy, very fatty and fried foods, smoked and drinks rich in content and taste enhancers and colorants.

An alternative method of treatment of folk remedies

Bath with Bay leaves. Make an infusion of Bay leaf, to do this, take 50 grams of dry Laurel and fill it with 1 liter of water. Give it a few minutes to infuse, then pour the infusion into a warm bath. Time of application of the bath is 10-15 minutes.