Treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis is called inflammation, affecting the tissue of the prostate gland and trigger its swelling. Inflammation of the prostate can suffer only the male body due to the fact that this body has only the representatives of the stronger sex. Treatment of prostatitis – a necessity after the man 30-year milestone can occur at any time, especially if it is abused, addictions and his life is characterized by stiffness, frequent stress, excessive or extremely rare sexual activity. The risk of inflammation of the prostate gland high in cases where a person suffers from urinary infections, regular constipation and problems with the immune system.

How to deal with prostatitis in various forms

what is prostatitis

Begin to heal your prostate should be timely, with the advent of the first unpleasant feelings before they become really painful symptoms. The longer the man is pulling with a medical examination, the lower the probability that it will be possible to cure prostatitis without consequences for the health and life of the patient.

And since in some cases the disease is asymptomatic, it is important to remember to regularly visit a specialist, in order not to miss the stage where to treat inflammation of the prostate gland in men, it's not too late.

The inflammation usually occurs in the forms of:

  • acute, with sudden onset, rapid pronounced symptoms (painful and complicated urination, pain in different parts of the pelvic area, a whitish "threads" in the urine);
  • chronic, sluggish, slow flow, with symptoms (same as in the acute manifestation), the visible is weak or even non-existent.

The methods that experts use to treat chronic prostatitis, differ from the methods of treatment of prostatitis in the acute form. If the second case is enough to remove the symptoms and conduct a quick treatment of inflammation of prostate in men, chronic form requires a more profound and diverse effects on the prostate gland. The choice of what and how to fight the disease, the identification of specific and most effective method of treatment of prostatitis is conducted by the attending physician based on the results of an appropriate examination.

How to treat acute prostatitis flow

To determine how to deal with prostatitis in the acute form with maximum effectiveness, doctors first identify which factor provoked the inflammation of the prostate. The results of the survey are assigned a specific drug that helps to fight pathogens disease:

  • antibacterial;
  • antimicrobial;
  • antitrichomonal;
  • antiviral;
  • antifungal.
how to treat prostatitis

The "point" chosen, and therefore the most effective remedy for prostatitis is able to suppress the activity and reproduction of hostile micro-organisms in the tissues of the prostate and urethra, and the fight against the most unpleasant and painful symptoms complement the complex of therapeutic measures. For these purposes, – reduce spasms of smooth muscles of the prostate and bladder relief pain urination – you can use the following remedies for the treatment of prostatitis:

  • analgesics;
  • antispasmodics;
  • heat microclysters;
  • rectal suppositories (analgesic plus anti-inflammatory);
  • massage.
  • NSVP (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs);
  • immunomodulators;
  • complexes of vitamins.

After drug treatment of prostatitis in the acute phase will help to relieve the pain, you can Supplement and enhance the therapeutic effect additional procedures:

  • rectal electrophoresis;
  • UHF and microwave therapy;
  • massage.

Also, as long as the treatment of inflammation of the prostate, patients are advised to observe:

  • dietary restrictions;
  • abstinence from harmful habits;
  • bed rest;
  • sexual rest.

All of these funds and methods of treatment of prostatitis in men in the complex help to speed the recovery, providing:

  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • anti-edema effects;
  • analgesic effect;
  • improvement of blood microcirculation in the affected tissues;
  • strengthening the immune system.
surgical treatment of prostatitis

Important: in some cases there is a complication of prostatitis and treatment requires further intervention. So, when severe acute inflammation may be a delay of urination in which the most efficient troakara cystostomy (the bladder is punctured (needling) to the suprapubic area). Also sometimes, for example, with the development of abscess, treatment of prostatitis and physical therapy is necessary to Supplement the surgical procedure of opening and drainage of purulent inflammation of the prostate tissue.

How treatable prostate in men, how effective remedial action and manages to avoid serious consequences of acute inflammation can be judged by restoration of tissue structure of the prostate, normalization of its functioning, return the optimal composition of juice of a prostate, neutralization and removal from the body triggering inflammation of pathogens that are detected in the analysis of biological fluids.

Treatment of chronic prostatitis

Medical treatment of chronic prostatitis is an important part of complex therapy of this disease. In the course of therapeutic effects can apply effective methods to influence every link in the chain:

  • to stop the spread of infection;
  • to restore normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • to regain optimal hormonal balance;
  • to strengthen the immune system.

To be treated with the chronic form of the disease, doctors recommend the following medicines:

  • antibiotics (after the detection of the specific microorganism responsible for the initiation of disease);
  • NSVP (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs);
  • anticholinergic (antidepressant);
  • immunomodulators;
  • the angioprotectors;
  • vasodilating medicines.
physical therapy for prostatitis

On a question, than to treat prostatitis in men with medications, experts say: a set of drugs based on antibiotics. Often choose funds from fluoroquinolone medicines with broad spectrum of action with maximum ability to penetrate and accumulate in the tissues of the prostate, affecting virtually all groups of disease causing microorganisms.

The second paragraph of medical treatment of prostatitis involves the use of alpha-blockers with which can be cured congestion – one of the main causes of inflammation. These drugs enhance the contractility of the prostate, normalize the pressure inside the gland, contribute to the relief of spasms of the muscles of the body, relaxes the sphincter of the bladder. Data reception means in combination with the NSVP can cure the main symptoms of the "Chronicles" of pain in the perineum and groin, unstable, frequent and painful urination, frequent (usually unjustified) night urges. To cure prostatitis is also possible, subject to the use of drugs for pain relief, not just analgesics, but tricyclic antidepressants are able to block histamine receptors.

The task of immunomodulators that modern medicine implicitly includes in the effective treatment of prostatitis, is to correct immune function, recovery and immunity strengthening. Prostate inflammation is very important: before to treat this disease developing on the background of viral or infectious attacks, it is necessary to establish a sufficiently powerful immune system.

Chronic inflammation of the prostate develops when the problems with blood flow in the pelvic area, in particular when blood stasis in capillaries, blockage which gives pathogens the opportunity to "saturate" the gland tissue. Therefore, treatment of prostatitis in men involves administration of vasodilators, and angioprotectors (vasodilator drugs): first, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and relieve swelling, and restore the composition of blood and in General contribute to the normalization of metabolism, the other "heals" the capillaries and "clear" the blockage. These funds will help to improve blood flow to the pelvic organs and to clear the prostate tissue.

And before how to cure chronic process of inflammatory actions in the prostate gland completely, you have to undergo the procedures, physiotherapy and exercise therapy, and also to agree on such methods of treatment, like dietary restrictions, the rejection of bad habits and normalization of sexual activity. Important: understanding the fight against chronic prostatitis, it is worth remembering that this disease, even cured, it requires regular monitoring by the attending physician.

Cure prostatitis does not traditionally

Considering the question about what is prostatitis and how to fight it, we must mention the phenomenon of the treatment of prostatitis in the home. Very popular in this area are pumpkin seeds, which contains a large supply of trace elements useful for the male body, and most important of them is zinc. The daily requirement of the organism in this element can be replenished daily consumption of sunflower seeds in the amount of 30 pieces, and for some time later, the man will feel, as the disease retreats.

If not to cure the prostatitis, then at least prevent its deterioration may be able to help recipe simple means to eat which is once a year for prevention:

pumpkin seed for prostate
  1. Take 500 gr. peeled raw pumpkin seeds and 200 gr. honey.
  2. The seeds pass through a meat grinder and mix with honey, then mould a small candy balls that are send to storage in the refrigerator.
  3. To use therapeutic candy should be 1-2 pieces before eating, dissolving, or chewing for a certain time.

Describe the "Goodies" will not only help protect the prostate from inflammation – they are often used to enhance immunity and improve mood, which also should be considered important if he is self-treatment of prostatitis in men at home.

A significant beneficial effect have honey candles has on the body tonic effect and complementary treatment for lesions of the prostate anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. To prepare the tools should:

  1. Take honey (15 g.), flour (3 tbsp) egg (1 PC.), then mix everything thoroughly.
  2. From the resulting mass to form small candles and send them in the freezer for "fixing".
  3. Apply honey candles for treatment of prostatitis should be used twice a day for a month, if necessary, continuing the therapy after a break of 10 days.

At home disease of the prostate treated also with coniferous baths, through which the body eliminates inflammation, relaxes muscles, relieves pain. Before you deal with a chronic prostatitis by a similar method (a treatment bath is appointed for long-term treatment of the disease), will have to prepare coniferous infusion:

  1. To take a young, juicy, healthy pine needles (fir, pine or spruce – 50 gr.), grind it into a homogeneous slurry.
  2. The resulting mass pour boiling water (950 ml.) and insist in the dark for two hours.
  3. The infusion is ready pour into a bowl of water warmed to 37°C (water should be enough for a seat), the procedure is carried out every evening, to continue up to 15-20 minutes.

Important: in the case of home treatment is necessary to know not only what treat the prostate in men and how to get rid of prostatitis forever, but when such treatment is permissible. Any activities should be consistent with your doctor – they can't replace traditional pharmacological and physiotherapeutic means, but only to Supplement them.

Self-treatment of prostatitis is unacceptable

Inflammation of the prostate is a very sensitive medical problem, difficult for every man, both in terms of physical discomfort and psychological state. Patients, even while beginning to feel the manifestation of unpleasant and painful symptoms, are embarrassed to see a doctor, subconsciously fearing a possible diagnosis. Do not do this, so the right way to treat prostatitis is possible only under the condition of early initiation of therapeutic effects. And since this disease is very often accompanied by complications, it is important to remember the necessity of an integrated therapy and non-medication without medical supervision.