Prostatitis in men — symptoms and treatment

No prostatitis

Prostatitis in men can be diagnosed at any age. This disease arising from infection and the beginning of the inflammatory process. Symptoms of prostatitis are a distinct and diverse, but sometimes they can be completely absent. It is worth considering that the symptoms of prostatitis may manifest themselves not immediately but only after the transition of the disease into a chronic form. That is why it is important to know when and what to treat prostatitis.


Inflammation of the prostate is a disease affecting men, whose age exceeded 45 years. Often disease of the prostate gland has become manifest in boys 18. The most common causes:

  • getting infections;
  • stagnation of blood in the lower part of the body due to a sedentary lifestyle;
  • genital injuries.
Smoking male with prostatitis

All of this can lead to the beginning of the disease, and in the absence of proper treatment to transition into the chronic form. That is why it is important to make a diagnosis. To timely treatment in a medical facility need to know the first signs of prostatitis. They are characterized by:

  • constant, often causeless weakness;
  • headache;
  • shortness of urination, which is accompanied by severe pain and burning that occurs at the beginning and end of the process;
  • frequent urination due to incomplete emptying of the bladder. Weak urine stream in small quantities;
  • complete absence of urine flow due to the pressure on the urethra;
  • pain in the lower back, pelvic and groin areas. The main feature is that the pain extends from the crotch to the abdomen and lower back. While it may be localized in a certain place, and to spread throughout the pelvic region;
  • problems with your sexual life, including a complete lack of libido. In the early stages of erection remains the same, but perhaps premature and spontaneous secretion of semen. Gradually, she becomes sluggish and weak orgasm. In some cases where ejaculation occur pain in the head;
  • disorders of the nervous system that are characterized by excessive irritability, the constant presence of stress, aggression or apathy.

During the transition to acute and chronic symptoms can change. Appear:

  • persistent pain, which are as sharp and pulling in nature;
  • spotting when urinating;
  • all the symptoms of fever, including chills, increased to 40 degrees temperature, sweating.

It is worth considering that chronic prostatitis symptoms appear only in the period of exacerbation, in the rest of the time the disease is asymptomatic.

If time does not treat prostatitis, there may be complications in the form of:

  • acute urinary retention, which can only be eliminated during the surgery;
  • constantly developing cystitis;
  • diseases of the kidney (pyelonephritis);
  • abscess that can be treated only with surgery;
  • sepsis. In very advanced cases, leads to death;
  • infertility.

When the first signs of prostatitis should immediately contact the medical facility and get tested. Only after that the doctor can properly prescribe treatment and prescribe medication.

Than to treat prostatitis

As a Supplement to the basic treatment men can use folk remedies.

The most common methods:

  1. pumpkin seeds are a great addition to the basic treatment. In the day you should eat up to 35 seeds. For convenience, they can be crushed and mixed with honey, and then form into small balls and take one a day, 30 minutes before a meal;
  2. fresh juices. In the day you should drink up to 500 ml. For these purposes, the best cucumber or carrot juice, which contains many useful trace elements. They can be used separately or as a mixture;
  3. various liqueur based on honey. It helps reduce pain and also reduce inflammation. In acute prostatitis should take calendula flowers, horsetail, elecampane root, nettle leaves, sage and mint. Mix it all together. Three tablespoons of the mixture pour boiling water, to insist in a warm place for about 3 hours, then add honey. A day to drink a third Cup before eating.

Also at home the most effective way of getting rid of the painful symptoms of prostatitis, including chronic, are baths using herbs. Most often used chamomile, as it can relieve the pain and also reduce inflammation that will help speedy deliverance from disease.

Additional treatment of folk remedies is permissible only after consultation with a specialist, otherwise it may lead to complications.

Attention. If you have any signs of illness should immediately go to the hospital. In any case it is impossible to do at home self-treatment. Only full compliance with all recommendations of the doctor and regular medication will help you to forget about the problem forever.

Modern methods of treatment of the prostate for prostatitis

In the diagnosis of inflammation of the prostate gland is important to determine the causes, because they may indicate more effective treatment of the disease. To treat prostatitis you need a comprehensive. Treatment should include:

  • the acceptance of drugs and special vitamins, which is aimed at reducing pain, eliminating the inflammation and bacteria that caused his immune system;
  • massage;
  • physiotherapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • traditional medicines, including various decoctions of medicinal herbs.

Only with the full treatment a man can get rid of prostatitis and prevent transition to a chronic form and appearance of the prostate that often accompany this disease.

The most common and effective modern physiotherapy:

  1. the laser treatment. The whole process takes no more than an hour. Rays, which emanate from the laser, they act directly on prostate tissue, and of cells nearby. This procedure eliminates blood stasis, which is one of the causes of the disease;
  2. treatment by vacuum method. During the vacuum treatment on the sexual organ is installed a special device that leads him into a state of solid erection due to blood flow. This method allows to improve erection quality, and also eliminates stagnant processes by improving blood circulation in the urogenital organs. It is best to combine the vacuum treatment with other methods of physical therapy;
  3. treatment with ozone. The treatment is administered by a special saline solution pre-filled with ozone. The liquid is introduced into the urethra, and inflammation of the body through the anus. The solution has a beneficial effect on prostate tissue, helping them to recover, and destroys harmful bacteria. The number of treatments depends on the severity of the disease. Average to cure prostatitis need to visit the office of professional 6-10 times;
  4. radio-frequency thermal therapy. This method involves the use of high temperatures. The positive effect of heat on the internal organs has been proved by many years ago. Now the apparatus and method of the procedure improved. The procedure lasts about 15 minutes. During it with the help of a special apparatus is the thermal effect on the prostate tissue, causing the damaged cells are destroyed, and destroyed all harmful microflora. Over time, regeneration of tissues of the prostate;
  5. prostate massage. Massage is a mandatory procedure through which all men with prostatitis. It helps to get rid of stagnant processes. However, this method is not supported by all doctors. This is due to the fact that in the course of the massage may be developing an infection, which will increase the inflammation, the damaged or diseased tissue;
  6. electrical stimulation. In this procedure the prostate gland is affected by low frequency current. Because of this it reduces, to eliminate the stagnation produced in the course of a sedentary lifestyle. Over time, the process of blood circulation is improved which assists in getting rid of the disease.

Attention. All treatments should be administered only by a physician after passing all tests, and personal interview.

Treatment of prostatitis is a long process that requires careful attention on the part of the doctor and the patient. Only strict observance of all rules will help to get rid of the disease. To prevent its recurrence need to adhere to the principles of active lifestyle and healthy eating.