The cure of prostatitis: the most effective medicines and their description

The cure of prostatitis can be found in almost every pharmacy. The choice of these drugs is truly impressive in its breadth and diversity. However, each of them has its pharmacological action on the patient's body, for this reason, the choice of tools should be carried out exclusively by the relevant specialist and take a selected medication you need to strictly follow doctor's orders.

treatment of prostatitis the most effective drugs

Prostatitis is an inflammatory process in the prostate gland, this is a fairly common disease in men who are over 40. However, in recent years it is increasingly being diagnosed and younger patients who do not follow their own health and abuse alcohol, tobacco, and do not eat right.

Many representatives of the stronger sex try to ignore the symptoms of prostatitis. Fear of the disease and the reluctance to publicize the problems of an intimate nature encouraged men to a total disregard of inflammation of the prostate. In the end, the disease just progresses, and its treatment requires great effort and long time period.

Experts in one voice told that prostatitis should be treated in the early stages of development, not being ashamed of the situation.

Today against prostatitis, there is a huge amount of drugs. They are available online pharmacies and are relatively low cost.

Many patients who have been diagnosed with prostatitis, wonder what cure for prostatitis is to use to permanently cure this dangerous disease male genital areas. Drugs a lot, they have different forms and regimens. The tool can demonstrate high efficacy for some patients, but be completely useless for some patients.

All cases are unique, that is why therapy should be based on complex studies of a particular patient.

This article will help readers to understand great offer medicines and specifics of their admission. Let's first talk about what are the forms used for prostatitis drugs.


Today in pharmacies can buy the following types of medicines which can effectively cure prostatitis:

  • Tablets and or capsules. First have a dense consistency, and the second represents a gelatin shell and a drug in it. Both are used inside before, during or after a meal. Some of them require consumption of large amounts of water.
  • Solutions for injection. Thanks to the injections, the medication is rapidly absorbed directly into the body.
  • Candles. Possess antibacterial and analgesic properties, and anti-inflammatory properties. Suppositories introduced into the rectum in the supine position, after which the patient should not get up for about half an hour, during this time, the drug ad hauriendum mucosa. The scheme of treatment involves 5-10 days of treatment.
  • Instillation. Data of drugs delivered to the site of inflammation through the outer opening of the urethra, so the symptoms of prostatitis is.
  • Microclysters. Such drugs are highly efficient for prostatitis. They are based on herbal plants which have anti-inflammatory effect. However, not all qualified professionals to recognize their complete medication medication, often relating them to the category of folk remedies to use at home.
treatment of prostatitis the most effective drugs the name

Before the diagnosis of the doctor prescribes the patient diagnostic studies and carries out inspection.

Depending on which symptoms inherent in man, at what stage is prostatitis and how it is running, and determines the type and treatment regimen.

For each form of prostatitis therapy and topical drugs are excellent. It is important to consider the following factors:

  • acute or chronic prostatitis sick man;
  • what is the causative agent led to the emergence of prostatitis: infection, pathogen;
  • individual intolerance of certain components or drugs, etc.

Pharmacological groups of drugs for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate looks like this:

  • Antibacterial drugs. Their action is directed on elimination of microorganisms become pathogens of the disease. They all apply only in the case when the cause of prostatitis recognized by the infection. Antibacterial drugs are divided into 3 groups: penicillins, tetracyclines , fluoroquinolones.
  • Alpha-adrenergic blockers. Help relax smooth muscle of the prostate and facilitate the flow of urine from the patient. They can totally suppress the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, provoking uncontrolled compression of smooth muscles of internal organs. Medications in this group affect the sympathetic nervous system specifically, stopping only to its effect on the prostate.
  • Funds with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect. These drugs stop the symptoms of inflammation of the prostate, lower the tone of the muscles of the body and perineum.
  • Drugs based on hormones. Intended for the treatment of inflammation, reducing the swelling of the body, normalization of urine output.
  • Phytotherapeutic drugs. Manufactured using natural ingredients of vegetative character. They are a great way to reduce inflammation, relieve prostate swelling, reduce pain and discomfort.
treatment of prostatitis the most effective pills

Due to the high interchangeability and the ability to blend together all the above drugs from prostatitis contribute to a rapid and complete cure of the patient.

Starting from the causes of prostatitis vary and treatment options of the disease.

For the treatment of bacterial inflammation of the prostate caused by infection, use antibiotics. A particular drug is assigned after the determination by the laboratory, to which antibiotics the pathogen is sensitive the most. The high efficiency of today for therapy of bacterial prostatitis demonstrate antibiotics from group of tetracycline and fluoroquinolones.

For viral prostatitis need antiviral drugs. To resolve inflammation of the body, and also for removal of painful syndrome used NSAIDs. They shoot high body temperature of the patient and tissue swelling of the prostate, all of this helps to eliminate inflammation of the prostate. To relieve muscle spasms in the body used muscle relaxants.