Prevention of prostatitis at home

Today we will talk about the prevention of prostatitis in men, what drugs and folk remedies can be used, about vitamins and the right diet.

Briefly about the causes of the disease

Prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate, can be caused by infectious and non-infectious factors.

In the first case, we are talking about bacteria and, rarely, viruses. In the second - stagnation of blood and secretions in the prostate gland.

Following the above, prostatitis prevention will have two goals:

  1. Implementation of measures to prevent congestion inside the prostate gland.
  2. Protection against infection.

Stagnation prevention

Prostatitis prophylaxis includes a wide range of therapeutic and prophylactic measures that not only prevent prostatitis, but also improve the quality of a person's life, extend his life expectancy.

Consider the four main sources of male sexual health:

  1. Lifestyle;
  2. Medicines of preventive action: herbal complexes and vitamins;
  3. Folk remedies;
  4. Exercise.


How we live, what we eat, and what we do have a direct impact on our health.

There are things that are difficult to change, such as where we live.

In a modern city, the air and environment are so dirty that they pose a direct threat to our health.

Therefore, the first step in the prevention of any disease will be moving to more favorable living conditions. Naturally, this is also the most difficult moment.

If this seems impossible, then you need to strictly follow the rest of the basics of male health.

We'll also include sex here. It doesn't matter how you do it, the main thing is that the prostate is emptying regularly, and you, at the same time, do not get infected with anything.


Prostatitis prevention and proper nutrition are inseparable.

How is nutrition related to the prostate? It seems that the prostate is at the bottom of the body, and the mouth and stomach are higher.

The health of the prostate is influenced by the body's water-salt balance, the strength of blood flow and the condition of the walls of blood vessels.

Food directly affects all of this and can both improve prostate health and worsen it.

The term "healthy eating" refers to the consumption of foods of natural origin, without the addition of artificially created additives (preservatives, colors, "vegetable fats").

Note that this is not enough to eat healthily. Unfortunately, what is pleasing to our taste buds is often bad for the stomach.

We are used to eating spicy, salty and spicy food, completely forgetting the taste of food without any flavor enhancers. But the natural taste is pleasant.

For the health of the prostate and the whole body, it is necessary to accustom yourself to eat lightly salted food, which is not present, or to eat in very small quantities hot spices, pepper.

Forget that there is mayonnaise, replacing it with vegetable oil. Forget about fast food, hamburgers, nuggets.

More vegetables, more fruits, less fatty meats. And everything will be fine.

Ideally, if you know roughly your daily calorie intake and stick to that value when choosing the right foods. Then you will not have excess weight, and the body will remain young longer.

Water - Drink as much liquid as you like. To do this, place a glass of water on your desk or next to where you are sitting.

You won't notice how quickly this glass will empty. Now remember how rarely you go to fetch water? Paradox.

Water should be near, then you will drink as much as you need. By the way, you drink water by a sip much better than in one gulp. It has been proven that drinking your daily water intake in several stages is much more difficult than taking a sip during the day.


In this case, we strengthen the immune system and increase blood flow in the body.

The impact of hardening procedures on the prostate is very positive.

Internal blood circulation is stimulated, stagnation inside the gland is eliminated, the mood rises.

Therefore, hardening is also included in a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise and active

Exercise is the key to a long and healthy life. Driving blood through the body is a prerequisite for our well-being, it is the main condition for the prevention of prostatitis.

It is because of the stagnation of blood and the accumulation of calories that most age-related diseases, excess weight, fatigue and lethargy of the whole body arise.

We will consider special exercises for prostatitis a little later, now we will give a couple of general tips:

  • Walk every day! Someone says that you need to walk at least 8 km a day. We believe that this is a lot, and not everyone will master such a marathon. Therefore, we will reduce this figure by half. The main thing is that you walk. If your legs hurt, the more you need to walk. Better with special sticks.
  • Walk fast or run a couple of times a week.
  • Visit saunas and baths. With caution and without fanaticism, if required by doctors. Everything is good in moderation.
  • Remember, it is not the number of kilometers that you covered in one day that matters, but the regularity. Who got through more - a beginner, tired on the third day of walking, or a person who walks briskly through the park every day?

Prophylactic drugs

dietary supplements

Note that for prophylaxis, preparations containing herbal ingredients or extracts from the bovine prostate gland are used.

The action of such drugs is aimed at stimulating the work of the human prostate, eliminating stagnation and increasing the production of fluid secretion.

Prophylactic agents are available in the form of rectal suppositories, solutions for microclysters and oral tablets.


Let us briefly note what vitamin is needed for:

  • Vitamin A - prevention of prostate adenoma;
  • Vitamin D - its deficiency in men over 55 simply obliges them to use it additionally. Improves the functioning of the circulatory system, normalizes blood flow;
  • Vitamin E and K - reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Such vitamins are not only able to prevent prostatitis, but also to cure a chronic abacterial process that has not started yet.

Medications for prostate inflammation are not recommended for use alone.

These are not dietary supplements, so their use can adversely affect the body.

Please understand this and consult a urologist.

Folk remedies for prevention

folk remedies for the prevention of prostatitis

Traditional medicine is more suitable for the prevention of diseases and pathological conditions.

Pumpkin seeds should be eaten raw every day. Enough 25-30 seeds per day half an hour before meals.

You can use them in combination with honey: 500 grams of pumpkin seeds should be crushed and mixed with 200 grams of honey. We roll balls from the resulting porridge and eat 1-2 balls a day. We recommend dissolving.

Hazel bark and leaves - you need to brew for 15-40 minutes (bark is longer, leaves are smaller), drink one glass of broth during the day on an empty stomach.

Chestnut shells can be brewed and drunk as tea. The insides of the chestnuts need to be brewed.

Elderberry juice can be drunk before meals in the amount of one tablespoon, after drinking a glass of water.

Propolis and honey are excellent remedies for the prevention of prostate inflammation. Consume them with food.

Greens are considered very useful for prostate health: parsley, dill. Ginger root, brewed in boiling water, can be added to tea in 1-2 teaspoons.

Massage and exercise


Before we talk about physical exercise, we note that transrectal prostate massage is beneficial for prostate health. For prevention, one such massage is sufficient for 2-3 minutes.

In order not to suffer yourself, buy a special prostate massager in sex salons or pharmacies. Or regularly, once a month, see the specialist who is the best for the massage.


Prostate health requires specific exercises. There is a Kegel complex aimed at contracting the internal muscles of the pelvis.

This complex is more often used by men to prolong sexual intercourse than as a prophylaxis for the prostate.

The bottom line is simple: you need to strain and relax the muscles of the perineum up to 30-45 times in one complex.

Excessive enthusiasm can lead to rectal prolapse, unwanted bowel movements and the appearance of an inguinal hernia.

exercises for the prevention of prostatitis

The following is a list of exercises that use the internal pelvic muscles:

  1. Stand with your feet together, arms at your sides. Try to breathe so that as you inhale, the pelvis shifts back, and there is tension inside it. Relax as you exhale. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times slowly and without jerking.
  2. Lie on the floor with your back, legs together, hands rest on the floor at the level of the lower back. Raise your legs 10-15 times perpendicular to the floor and lower back. The exercise is done smoothly and without jerking.
  3. Stand in the position of "lying with your hands", as in push-ups, lift the pelvis as high as possible, then lower it to the floor. Repeat 10-15 times. This exercise is practiced by yogis to open the sex chakra and stimulate masculine strength.
  4. Stand with your arms hanging loosely around your hips. Imagine that you really want to use the toilet, but you still have to endure for a long time. Tense up as if you want to keep everything to yourself. Relax. This is an analogue of the Kegel complex.

Infection Protection

This item of preventive measures implies taking measures to prevent and spread diseases, primarily sexually transmitted diseases.

STDs are a number of diseases, the predominant way of spreading which is through the mucous membranes of the genital organs from one person to another.

The culprit of the inflammatory process in such cases are bacteria and viruses that lead an exclusively parasitic lifestyle in the host cells.

Along with prostatitis, these microorganisms cause infertility in men and women, inflammation of the upper and lower urinary tract, and separate "floors" of the reproductive system.

To avoid STDs, follow these guidelines:

  • Protected sex, careful choice of sexual partner. Avoid promiscuous sex, do not be like animals. Such pleasure can put an end to your future life.
  • Before starting a close relationship, you and your partner need to get tested for STDs. It is a worthwhile investment that will keep you safe from unknown infections and add trust to your relationship.
  • Infection can be obtained not only by classic methods of sex, but by all others. At first glance, harmless entertainment - oral sex, can end up for a man with a sexual illness if a woman practices such things with other partners. The mucous membrane of the mouth is an excellent carrier for the microbial agent.
  • If you have unprotected sexual intercourse (no matter what), use genital antiseptics, carefully treating the mucous membrane of the penis and the adjacent skin areas, and pour the medicine into the urethra for a few minutes. This is not a guarantee of safety, but the risks of the disease are reduced several times.

Thus, an attentive attitude to sex, selectivity and fidelity is a guarantee of male sexual health.

Prostatitis prophylaxis is the key to your male health. Everyone knows that this is both self-confidence and good mood, the absence of an inferiority complex. It's a long and happy life.

Prostatitis is not easy to avoid, but it is possible. How you spend your old age is up to you. If you are inattentive to your body, lead the wrong lifestyle, old age will come to you at the age of 30.