How to recover from prostatitis

causes of prostatitis

At the initial stage, chronic prostatitis relapses through pain during urination, discharge, episodic sexual dysfunction. All these symptoms are relieved by a course of broad-spectrum antibiotics, and pain can temporarily disappear from simple analgesics.

Periods of temporary improvement after acute bouts of prostate inflammation can result from the mobilization of the body's defenses.

But sooner or later you will have to think about how to ensure yourself a full life and, having cured, forget about prostatitis forever.

See a doctor as soon as possible

Unpleasant physical symptoms, indicative of a painful condition of the prostate, are often accompanied by depression and fears that cause men to endlessly postpone visits to the doctor. Many admit the problem only at the stage when the disease is seriously neglected: pain becomes unbearable, urination turns into torture or cannot be controlled, sexual and impotence is a long-established fact. At this stage, prostatitis is cured in very rare cases.

Such a perspective makes us think about the prevention and timely treatment of prostatitis at the very first, even weak and quickly passing signs. Discomfort when urinating, discharge from the penis and pain in the groin are the first calls to which you need to respond. It was at this time that there is still a wide range of methods for the prevention of prostatitis treatment. There are also cases and techniques that stop tissue overgrowth and even reduce the size of the prostate adenoma. Today, adenoma and prostatitis can be cured with both radical surgery and medication and physiotherapy.

Doctors differ in their assessment of the results of non-surgical treatment of chronic prostatitis and adenoma. Some consider the absence of inflammation and the normal size of the prostate - a complete victory over the disease, others argue that this is only a successful stage in the fight against relapses of chronic prostatitis, which does not disappear anywhere.

Theoretical calculations are of much less interest to patients than the question of whether it is possible to avoid pain in the perineum, sexual dysfunction and free urine without problems at any age. After all, the main thing is the quality of life, and whether a person has recovered from prostatitis or has just overcome its exacerbation is a secondary question.

In the case of chronic prostatitis, and especially during exacerbations of the disease, you can completely trust your doctor or try the treatment of prostatitis at home.

But with any approach, you need to undergo a diagnosis at a medical institution in order to establish the causes and stages of the disease. Repeated studies will show how much this or that treatment helped, whether there are complications, the symptoms of which can be erased by temporary exposure to drugs.

Pain in the perineum, frequent trips to the toilet are just symptoms, getting rid of which can only muffle the chronic process leading to sexual dysfunction, urination disorder. In addition to age factors, hypothermia, physical overload and stress, as well as serious infections and viruses can be the cause of prostatitis.

Self-medication for prostate problems

In order to achieve the desired effect from decoctions of parsley, honey mixtures, or garlic infusions, months of regular use are required, with careful observance of the technology of manufacturing these products of traditional medicine and quality requirements for ingredients.

With any method of treatment and regardless of the causes of the disease, it will be necessary to change or adjust the diet. You will have to exclude synthesized food (chips, soft drinks, many types of sweets and cookies) and animal fats, minimize fried and pickled dishes, as well as the use of alcohol, sugar, salt and hot spices: pepper, mustard, horseradish. A diet based on natural products with a predominance of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish and seafood should not be a temporary restriction, but a new eating behavior that will contribute to the renewal and healing of the whole body.

In medicine, there are many cases when people were cured of serious chronic diseases only by giving up bad habits and consistent hardening of the body.

Folk recipes for prostatitis

methods of treating prostatitis in men
  • Strong infusion of ground parsley seeds: mix half the volume of seeds with boiling water. The mixture is ready for use after infusion for 15 minutes. The daily dose is 200 g of tincture in 3-4 doses;
  • A decoction of parsley roots is used instead of water in a volume of 1 to 2 liters daily. In order to prepare it, you need to boil half a glass of chopped parsley roots in a liter of water for 20 minutes;
  • Take finely ground unpeeled pumpkin seeds with honey water in a ratio of 2 tbsp. l. in a glass of water half an hour before meals. You can also make a more palatable honey paste with peeled pumpkin seeds and consume it regularly shortly before meals. The zinc in pumpkin will improve hormonal balance. Pumpkin seed oil, which can be found on the market, has a strong regenerating effect, it can also be taken orally at a certain dosage;
  • Sugar-free pear compote from fresh or dried fruits is recommended for daily use in all seasons;
  • Fresh vegetable fresh from carrots, cucumbers, asparagus and beets, made in equal shares, it is recommended to consume 2 glasses a day during an exacerbation of prostatitis;
  • Beekeeping products during prostate treatment will provide the body with the necessary microelements, as well as replenish energy hunger with a low-calorie diet necessary to cleanse the body of toxins. The daily dose of honey is 3-4 teaspoons, pollen is 1-2 teaspoons;
  • Propolis tinctures and suppositories give a quick anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect;
  • Acceptance of various decoctions from herbal preparations of sage, calendula, chamomile should be carried out in monthly courses with obligatory breaks, since herbs are medicines, and they, like ointments and tablets, have contraindications and side effects are possible in case of an overdose;
  • Onion tinctures on dry white wine and garlic tincture on alcohol can replace the course of antibacterial medications.

In the treatment of prostatitis, it is important to exclude constipation, in which pressure on the prostate aggravates the painful condition.

Healing Exercises

Exercise is recommended for milder forms of prostatitis, during the rehabilitation period after an exacerbation of the disease and for the prevention of relapses. For the greatest effect, you need to combine different types of exercises, performing them both in special training sessions and during short warm-ups every 1-2 hours.

  • Breathing exercises to strengthen the abdominal cavity, which can be written briefly as breathing with the stomach in rhythm: inhale, hold the breath, exhale slowly;
  • Routine squats and walking squats and buttocks;
  • Pulling in the anus and simulating urine containment;
  • Various leg swings with straight and bent legs.

With the correct technique, the groin area heats up.

Horse riding is considered a good prevention of prostatitis, but is contraindicated in acute stages of prostatitis. With an exacerbation of the disease, warm herbal baths with chamomile, sea salt and potassium permanganate will help. In milder forms, the therapeutic effect can be achieved through regular contrast showers in the prostate gland. Regular sex life is an important factor for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, it will also allow you to get rid of complexes and depression and revive the body's defense system.

Medication and physiotherapy

Magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, perineal inductothermy, laser therapy, this incomplete list of procedures using medical devices should be used exclusively as directed and under medical supervision. Such procedures are prescribed as an adjunct to drug therapy using strong targeted antibiotics. In addition to oral drugs, rectal drugs are also prescribed, the use of which reduces the risk of side effects and ensures rapid absorption of drugs through the rectal wall.

Prostate massage therapy performed by specialists on an outpatient basis or at home is also performed through the rectum. This activates blood circulation and increases the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory and healing drugs.

Natural preparations

Among natural preparations for the treatment of prostatitis, an antiseptic of animal origin stands out, which is a homeopathic preparation and has a targeted effect on the focus of inflammation. The supplement is used as an adjuvant to activate the protective functions of the body in the treatment of the acute stage of prostatitis.

Subject to the storage conditions and the mode of use of this product, the results appear already in the first few days. There is a decrease in pain syndromes and an easier urination process.

how to cure prostatitis in men

On the modern drug market, you can find another natural drug that relieves symptoms of prostatitis and helps with complications of prostate inflammation. It is made from plant extracts, contains vitamins C, E, D, which promote cell regeneration and renewal, as well as trace elements zinc, chromium, selenium necessary to restore the immune and hormonal systems after stress and inflammatory processes in the male body. As can be seen from the composition, this drug may well replace homeopathic remedies - decoctions and tinctures, for the preparation of which it is not always possible to find time and raw materials.

Duration of medication intake - 1 month. Against the background of the majority of positive reviews from people who use a course of medicines at the first symptoms of prostate inflammation, we must not forget that there may be cases of individual intolerance to the drug. It is also important to strictly adhere to the dosage prescribed by the doctor.