Is it possible to cure prostatitis quickly: medications and other methods

Treatment of prostatitis - one of the most common male diseases - is an extremely delicate process. The disease itself affects mainly older men, although recently there has been a persistent tendency to rejuvenate its victims, and today it is already possible to find prostatitis not only in 40-year-old men, but also in 30-year-old men. It is prostatitis that is the culprit for the decrease in erection, so the knowledge of how to quickly cure prostatitis can be useful for a man at any age.

Prostatitis Symptoms and Diagnosis

The axiom does not require proof that in order to cure a disease, it must first be correctly diagnosed and the causes of its occurrence.

prostatitis in men

In medical reference books, prostatitis is classified as an inflammatory process that affects the prostate gland. The inflammation is triggered by fungi, viruses or bacteria that have entered the prostate. The prostate gland can also become inflamed through prolonged stagnation of blood in the blood vessels of the pelvis and scrotum.

Factors that increase the risk of prostatitis include a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, sexual abstinence and, paradoxically, frequent sauna use. All these factors change the blood circulation in the pelvic region, objectively contributing to the stagnation of lymph in it. As a result, immunity decreases and the body becomes more susceptible to attack by viruses or bacteria.

There are acute and chronic forms of prostatitis. Signs of the onset of prostate inflammation are:

  • the appearance of discomfort in the groin, testicles or penis;
  • soreness in the groin or perineum;
  • pain during urination and bowel movements;
  • increased body temperature accompanied by chills;
  • decreased erection.

If you do not pay attention to these symptoms and do not see a doctor in time, prostatitis from an acute form turns into a chronic one, and in rare cases, an inflammatory process that has begun in the prostate gland can cause general blood poisoning.

So when the first symptoms of the disease appear, you cannot hesitate to visit the doctor. It should never be forgotten that prostatitis, which has passed from an acute to a chronic form, noticeably reduces not only the sexual activity of a man, but also the sexual sensations he experiences.

The modern development of medicine makes it possible to diagnose prostatitis at the very beginning of the inflammatory process. This is facilitated primarily by the pronounced, inherent only in this disease, the distinctive symptoms.

For the correct diagnosis, the doctor may refer the patient for an ultrasound or tomography. But in fact, in most cases, for an accurate diagnosis of inflammation of the prostate gland, a qualitative analysis of the number of leukocytes in the urine is sufficient. Another thing is that to identify the cause of the inflammatory process, a comprehensive study may be needed, in which even the results of ultrasound and tomography will be few. But the decision on such a study is made only by a doctor.

Some aspects of treatment

aspects of prostatitis treatment

Today in pharmacies you can find many medicines for the treatment of prostatitis. Usually these are products of well-known brands and they are quite expensive. The realities of today's medicine are such that because of aggressive public advertising of such drugs, doctors, as a rule, prescribe what is more expensive.

Prostatitis is a very unpleasant disease for men, but it does not pose a direct threat to the patient's life. That is why leading pharmacological corporations have long since commercialized its treatment, receiving substantial profits from the sale of their drugs.

However, prostatitis treatment is one of those rare cases when you can effectively use available means. The acute form and all kinds of complications of the disease are treated only in a hospital, and here you have to follow the doctor's prescriptions. But with the initial stage of prostatitis and its chronic form, everything is not so simple.

Therefore, having learned the diagnosis from the doctor and received from him a sick leave with the prescription of outpatient treatment and a prescription with the names of expensive drugs, there is no need to rush to buy them. With a rich selection of time-tested traditional medicine for prostatitis, the treatment of this disease will cost you an order of magnitude cheaper.

Almost all pharmacological drugs are aimed only at treating prostatitis, while many folk remedies can not only effectively cure the disease, especially at its initial stages, but are also an excellent prophylactic agent. In other words, if you regularly take these remedies to prevent prostatitis, you will hardly need treatment for it.

In addition, when making a choice between modern pharmacological preparations and folk remedies, it should be borne in mind that factory preparations contain a large number of artificial chemical compounds that can cause severe allergies.

The better to cure the disease

To cure prostatitis, traditional healers most often recommend:

  • pumpkin seeds;
  • hazel leaves and bark;
  • chestnuts;
  • propolis;
  • aspen bark;
  • asparagus juice;
  • black elderberry berries;
  • parsley;
  • honey candles.
pumpkin for the treatment of prostatitis

Pumpkin seeds have long been used by healers and healers to treat male ailments and enhance potency. In terms of the combination of treatment efficiency and cost, this is one of the best options. There is a lot of zinc in pumpkin seeds - a trace element, with a lack of which in the male body, the treatment of prostatitis will be ineffective. The effect is given only by raw seeds, from dried, and even more so from fried, there will be little sense.

Aspen bark, infused with vodka, also effectively helps to treat prostatitis. However, not every bark is suitable for treatment, but harvested in early spring, before the buds of the trees and with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm. You can also treat prostatitis with hazel. Thin twigs of hazel with blossoming leaves are brewed and drunk instead of tea for a quarter of a glass 4 times a day. You can also brew bare twigs, but you only have to boil them twice as long. 2-4 weeks of such tea drinking - and the symptoms of the disease will cease to annoy you. But to eliminate the cause of inflammation, it is better to alternate this with other methods of treatment.

Prostatitis is also well treated with chestnut infusion. Although the course of such treatment stretches up to six months, it has practically no contraindications, so even older men can safely use it. The main advantages of this method are that with the help of chestnut tincture it is possible not only to relieve discomfort, but also to eliminate the cause of inflammation of the prostate gland. You can prepare the tincture yourself in your home kitchen. The full treatment cycle includes 3 courses of 1 month duration, but between courses there should be 2 breaks, also 1 month long each. In order for the treatment of prostatitis to be as effective as possible, other methods of treatment can and even be used during the monthly breaks.

Effective treatment of prostatitis is also provided by beekeeping products: honey and propolis, which have long been famous for their anti-inflammatory properties. They are not used in their pure form for treatment, but as components of effective drugs, these products are irreplaceable.

Simple folk recipes

folk recipes for treatment

To prevent inflammation of the prostate gland, it is enough for a man to eat 30 pieces of raw pumpkin seeds every day. For the treatment of prostatitis with seeds, you will have to tinker a little, but the result is worth it. First you need to peel 0. 5 kg of pumpkin seeds and kill them in a blender or grind them in a meat grinder. Then add a glass (200 g) of honey to this mass and mix everything thoroughly.

From the resulting mixture, balls about the size of a walnut are formed (a little more is possible - there will be no harm). It is imperative to store these blanks in the refrigerator, but it should be borne in mind that they cannot be used cold. Therefore, they need to be taken out of the refrigerator in advance so that their temperature approaches room temperature.

Take 1-2 scoops in the morning, half an hour before meals. The balls should not be swallowed, but slowly dissolve, stretching the pleasure for 2-3 minutes. The treatment cannot be interrupted, the course should last until all the formed balls run out. One such course per year is usually enough to put a reliable barrier to prostatitis. But if this recipe did not help, then you need to use other means - you should not abuse them.

100 g of dried and oven-crushed aspen bark pour a glass of vodka, close with a tight lid and leave to infuse for 2 weeks in a dark place. Then strain the infusion, when taken in a quarter glass of water, add 20 drops of the tincture and drink before meals. You need to take it 3 times a day, the course of treatment is designed for 2 months.

Chestnuts are peeled from the brown peel and then the peel is crushed into small pieces. Then the crushed chestnut peel is poured into a thermos and 600 ml of boiling water is poured. After 12 hours, the tincture from the thermos is placed in a water bath, evaporated until its volume decreases to 200 ml. it is filtered through 3-4 layers of gauze and sent to the refrigerator. You need to use it 3 times a day, 30 drops before meals.

40 g of propolis is evaporated in 200 ml of medical alcohol. Then this propolis is mixed with cocoa bean butter at the rate of: 0. 1 g of propolis 2 g of butter. Then, 30 suppositories are formed from this mixture, and 1 suppository is inserted into the rectum every night before going to bed. When the candles run out, take a break of 1-1. 5 months and repeat the course of treatment.

Diet and Exercise

Treatment of prostatitis does not require a special diet, but it will be much more effective if some dietary rules are followed during treatment. It is necessary to exclude fish and meat dishes from the menu for the duration of the treatment, as well as hot spices and seasonings: pepper, garlic, horseradish, onions, radishes and the like. It is also not recommended to abuse foods such as whole milk, white cabbage and all types of legumes during treatment, as they cause increased gas formation in the intestines.

The only thing that should be strictly followed during treatment is to consume as many different liquids as possible. It is desirable that they also have a diuretic effect, since the treatment of prostatitis requires maximum lavage of the urinary tract.

Simple exercises will help to increase the effectiveness of treatment. In the morning, getting up after sleep, you need to massage the perineum for 5 minutes. Then tighten and relax the muscles several times, simulating urination. These exercises help to avoid stagnation in the prostate gland.