Devices that treat the prostate at home

Acute or complicated inflammation of the prostate gland is recommended to be treated in the urology department. A full range of therapeutic measures is performed there, including taking medications, physiotherapy, and proper nutrition. In milder cases, treatment can be carried out outside the hospital. But how to perform physiotherapy at home? A large number of portable devices for home use are now produced. The main thing is to select the most suitable device and the correct treatment program with the help of a doctor.

Home remedies for prostatitis

The possibility of getting rid of prostatitis at home should be discussed with your doctor. Some types of this disease require only hospital treatment.

Usually, folk remedies are used that help relieve pain and increase the body's immunity. But therapy will be most effective when combined with the traditional course of treatment.


Treatment of prostate inflammation outside the clinic is permissible only with an uncomplicated acute process and recurrence of a chronic one. The urologist will prescribe a medication course and give recommendations for home treatment methods.

In the process of recovery, an important role is played by the correct diet, sufficient physical activity, work and rest schedule. Only a comprehensive treatment will help you cope with the disease faster. A healthy lifestyle is of great importance for a man to prevent further relapses.


Medication is used for home therapy. Simultaneously with it, you can independently use other methods.

These include:

  • massage;
  • microclysters;
  • baths;
  • warming up;
  • exercise.

Several different treatments are commonly prescribed. Their combined use will allow you to quickly cope with the problem, reduce the risk of complications. It also helps to eliminate unpleasant symptoms and relieve the condition.

Devices for the treatment of male disease at home

types of devices for the treatment of prostatitis

To enhance the therapeutic effect of various methods of therapy, modern urology recommends the use of devices for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis and adenoma. Their assortment is varied and allows you to choose the most suitable device for each patient. The medical meso-apparatus is used for local improvement of blood circulation.

Only a urologist can recommend a device and prescribe a treatment course.

He will take into account all contraindications and the possibility of using the device in a particular case.

Benefits of such exposure

The device for the treatment of prostatitis operates in the immediate vicinity of the pathological focus. You can use it at home, its operation does not require special training.

This physiotherapy method helps to reduce the amount of medication used. Already after the first sessions, patients note a significant improvement in their condition, a decrease in pain.


As with any methods of therapy, the use of various devices for inflammation of the prostate is not indicated for all patients. Before using devices for the treatment of prostatitis at home, you should consult with a specialist, study the reviews.

The method is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • for acute prostatitis and chronic complications;
  • malignant neoplasms of the gland;
  • inflammatory diseases of the rectum;
  • tuberculosis;
  • intestinal oncology.

Applied apparatus method of treatment of inflammation of the prostate not only for therapy, but also for the prevention of the disease, the elimination of stagnant processes in the gland. It heals the entire genitourinary system of a man.

Classification of existing devices

The market for prostatitis treatment devices is quite wide. The devices have different types of effects.

According to this principle, they are divided into the following categories:

  • vibrating;
  • vacuum;
  • magnetic;
  • antiparasitic.

Each type of medical equipment has its own indications and contraindications. Each of the devices is used for various types of prostate inflammation, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient's body. The attending physician selects the most suitable device.

General precautions when using devices

The most important precaution when carrying out physiotherapy at home is a mandatory consultation with the attending physician, otherwise, instead of a therapeutic effect, the condition can be aggravated. Only the doctor will determine whether this type of treatment should be used by the patient, will select the intensity, time of procedures, and the duration of the course.

Before conducting a session, it is necessary to check the integrity of the device body, insulation, only then can it be connected to the network. You should carefully study the operating instructions for the device and strictly follow it. Physiotherapeutic treatment should not be carried out if the skin has rashes, allergic reactions.

Criteria for choosing a device: what to look for

classification of devices for the treatment of prostatitis

First of all, when choosing a device, it is necessary to consult a urologist, he will advise which one to choose, taking into account the specifics of the disease and the individual characteristics of a particular person.

Next, you should pay attention to the presence of clinical trials, evidence of safety and a positive effect on the male body.

It is necessary to study the characteristics of the device, its cost, read customer reviews. Combined devices are the most expensive, vacuum ones are the most democratic in price.

Treatment Reviews

The effectiveness of treatment, simplicity and safety of operation of the devices can be judged by the reviews. Before choosing a device, the patient must consult with a doctor, read the recommendations on the Internet.

It is necessary to find out the opinion of patients who used home physiotherapy devices for the treatment of the inflammatory process of the prostate, adenoma. It is also important to get the recommendations of the doctors who used them in their practice, this is a prerequisite before using.


As part of complex therapy, many devices for treating inflammation of the prostate gland have a good therapeutic effect. The pharmacy chain offers a large selection of devices of various types of exposure and models. Before carrying out such a procedure, you should definitely consult with your doctor about the appropriateness of the manipulation, the recommended devices, the power and length of the sessions, the duration of the course. An even better result is observed when using devices for preventive purposes. If a man has many predisposing factors for the onset of prostate diseases, these means can be used to prevent the disease.