How to treat prostatitis in men at home?

how to treat prostatitis in men

Prostatitis is diagnosed in a fairly large number of men. This is a rather serious pathology that requires medical supervision and appropriate medications.

As a rule, it is accompanied by sexual dysfunction, which adversely affects the physical health and psyche of males.

How to overcome this ailment using folk remedies will be described below.

Symptoms and treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies

Inflammation of the prostate gland is called prostatitis. The gland activates the sperm and makes them resistant. With her pathology, there are problems with conception. You can also try to get rid of prostatitis at home, using traditional medicine recipes.

Prostatitis inflammation symptoms

Prostate pathology is manifested by symptoms:

  • Frequent and painful urination;
  • Altered libido;
  • Soreness in the scrotum;
  • Burning sensations;
  • Hematuria;
  • Nervous strain;
  • Disturbed by ejaculation.

Signs of inflammation of the prostate gland, such as fever, bone aches and swelling, can appear without adequate treatment for a long time and the formation of an acute form of pathology.

Chronization of the inflammatory process of the prostate gland is characterized by erased symptoms and the risk of complications.

How to treat prostatitis in men at home?

Inflammation of the prostate gland has bothered men from time immemorial, so there are a huge number of proven traditional medicine methods for treating pathology that can help cope with the disease quickly enough. Without using expensive drugs, you can get an excellent result from treatment with folk remedies.

How to treat prostatitis for men at home?

Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies involves the use of medicinal plants to combat its symptoms.

It is possible to use folk remedies:

  • Propolis.You will need to take 1 g of propolis extract and 20 g of cocoa butter. Mold suppositories from the resulting mixture and inject them rectally daily for a couple of months. This folk remedy is very effective and has a huge number of positive reviews.
  • Chamomile.The infusion of its flowers is suitable for oral administration and for the preparation of enemas. To prepare it, you will need to take 1 tbsp. spoon of flowers and pour 100 ml of boiling water. After insisting the resulting mass for about 60 minutes, it should be filtered. This method of traditional medicine is very effective.
  • Pumpkin seed.Due to the increased zinc content, pumpkin has shown an excellent effect on prostate pathology. It is advisable to eat 30 seeds per day, or fry and mix them with honey. Then form balls the size of a walnut from the resulting mixture and freeze. Eat one ball daily before dinner.
  • Onion Seeds.The seeds need to be ground and mixed with honey. Then the resulting mixture is eaten three times a day.

These are just a few of the most popular folk remedies recipes to help fight the disease.

How to do prostate massage at home?

Such an important method as prostate massage is very useful and helps to cure the disease much sooner. You can buy a device for treating prostatitis at home or have it made by a specialist.

Massaging the iron is possible:

  • Remove inflammatory discharge;
  • Improve blood circulation in the genitals;
  • Tone the gland;
  • Enhance the effect of antibacterial drugs.

The position of the patient during treatment should be knee-elbow or with legs tucked towards the stomach, lying on the side. Gloves are put on the hands, and Vaseline is applied to the index finger. Next, the doctor inserts it 3-5 cm into the anus. After that, simple massaging movements are performed.
Many people will have a question, how painful is this method of treatment? It depends on the professionalism of the doctor performing the procedure, as well as on the psychological preparedness of the man.

Prevention of prostatitis in men at home

prevention of prostatitis in men

There are a number of recommendations that can prevent the development of the disease:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to cold;
  • Check urologist annually;
  • Have a constant sexual relationship and do not allow an extended interruption in your sexual life;
  • Lead an active life, play sports, which will promote the activation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • Get rid of bad habits. Smoking and alcohol will contribute to the progression of symptoms of the disease;
  • Provide yourself with adequate nutrition.

Following all of the above guidelines will help you maintain excellent health and an active person.