Can chronic prostatitis be completely cured?

A lot of people are asking one question: can chronic prostatitis be cured? Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. Only men have a prostate gland, and the disease occurs only in them.

This kind of inflammation is a urological disease. The disease has an infectious direction, obtained through the blood or lymph. Chronic development provides for certain symptoms within the body, but this is not a sentence, this infection can be cured.

Why does the disease occur

causes of prostatitis in men

Let's look at the main causes of prostatitis:

  • infection in the blood or lymph;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • promiscuous sex life;
  • prostate injury;
  • violation of sexual activity associated with abstinence or excess, interruption of sexual intercourse;
  • extreme fatigue at work;
  • use of alcohol or tobacco;
  • decreased immunity due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

The symptoms of chronic prostatitis cause discomfort in the lower abdomen, the pain is intermittent, but begins suddenly and disappears after a while. The pain can be cutting and pulling, and it radiates to the lower back, groin or anus. If problems with the prostate have already begun, then pain will also be noted during ejaculation. The function of sexuality is weakened, erection and ejaculation disappear. The act of urination is slow and painful. If the symptoms of this problem have just begun to appear, it is better to immediately consult a doctor for help, and not delay for years: the disease itself will not go away.

What is the probability of a cure

In reality, the manifestation of such symptoms begins in men from 35 years old, and many of them suffer, without even knowing about such a disease. However, doctors say that the earlier you start treatment, the higher the percentage of recovery, since prostatitis is curable. If you start treatment immediately after the first symptoms appear, then 90% of the male population get rid of the disease. First of all, it is recommended to contact a urologist who will observe you and carry out the course of treatment.

Accordingly, the question of whether chronic prostatitis can be cured is becoming especially relevant. There are several ways to cure such a disease, it requires a regular approach and the patient's desire, since the process can last for several months. How to cure chronic prostatitis? The process of the disease itself can be bacterial or abacterial.

There are several approaches:

methods of treating chronic prostatitis
  • The bacterial type can be treated with a course of antibiotics, although this therapy will be quite lengthy.
  • The abacterial chronic type is treated with a strong flow of drugs, which destroys the infected microflora and eliminates stagnation factors.
  • Transrectal massage is prescribed as additional procedures: this method of treating a chronic disease is considered very effective. The massage course must be performed by a doctor, the minimum number of procedures is 10-15 per month.
  • For a full range of treatments, regular sports are required, you can start jogging in the morning or evening, or buy a subscription to the pool. Whichever physical procedure you choose, the main thing is that it disperses the blood well throughout the body and gives you additional strength. In addition, physical activity is necessary for the legs and pelvis, because stagnation in these areas often leads to prostatitis. In order to be properly and comprehensively treated, the body should be tempered. This method makes all the organs of your body work.

What medicines are used

Is it possible to cure prostatitis with the help of a doctor's prescription, that is, with a drug method? Treatment of chronic prostatitis is a protracted matter, and a lot of patience should be gained. After all, a man has to endure painful discomfort and take medications.

So, let's look at the list of medicines that the doctor will prescribe:

  1. In the treatment of chronic disease, an antispasmodic is prescribed, which relieves swelling of the prostate, eliminates pain. Also, in addition, a special drug alkaloid can be prescribed, which makes the walls of the gland smooth and elastic, which allows faster healing.
  2. In case of severe pain, a man may be prescribed anesthetic: anesthesia copes well with spasms and pains. An injection is given by a doctor in a hospital, the vaccine is injected into the lower abdomen, after which a patient with prostatitis may not feel discomfort for six months.
  3. The patient must be prescribed anti-inflammatory medications, they can be rectal suppositories. Candles are very convenient to use and bring quality treatment.
  4. Microclysters are often prescribed to treat chronic prostatitis, it is a very effective method to completely eliminate prostatitis. A special solution is made, which is placed in an enema and poured into the rectum, so the medicine reaches the prostate and gets into it.

Can prostatitis be completely cured with drugs? Maybe someone succeeds in this, but in addition to medicines, it is better to use physiotherapy procedures.

The best are:

  1. Diathermyis ​​the heating of an organ by high-frequency current or microwaves. If you do diathermy during treatment, then you will quickly stop feeling pain. The device will remove all spasm.
  2. Darsonvalizationis ​​used to treat chronic prostatitis, therapy is performed using high-frequency voltage. The procedure will relieve spasms in a short time, restore damaged tissue, and normalize the nervous state. In chronic prostatitis, it improves the overall blood flow in the organs.
  3. Ultrasound therapyis ​​often prescribed. Ultrasound has a bactericidal effect on human cells. The device kills parasites, improves blood flow, renews gland cells.
  4. The action of electrophoresisbrings a healing effect to men with prostatitis. With the help of current, it improves blood circulation and heals the functioning of the genitourinary system as a whole.

Sanatorium treatment

spa treatment for chronic prostatitis

One of the reliable methods of treating prostatitis is sanatorium recovery. Rest and recreation in sanatoriums has a very beneficial effect on the health of men. The best doctors in the study of prostatitis work in the sanatoriums. After conducting the necessary research and analysis, they prescribe a treatment that is mainly associated with mud treatments.

Can prostatitis be treated with traditional medicine? The people widely know the use of medicinal herbs, flowers, honey treatment, the use of baths. To take a bath, you need to take hazel branches, needles and pour boiling water over them, then pour the broth into a basin and sit in it for a certain time. The procedure must be carried out daily for 10 days, it is no longer possible. If a man is overweight, then it is necessary to combine the treatment of prostatitis with fasting and diet.

Diet will help you lose weight and make it easier for your body to fight infection. One of the popular methods of treatment is honey intake. To do this, you need to take honey in food daily on an empty stomach for 1 tsp. 3 times a day. Propolis is very useful, it has a good antibacterial effect and relieves inflammation throughout the body. The use of honey and propolis should be spent at least 30-40 days. For a complex with honey therapy, candles with propolis are suitable, they are used by the rectal method, up to 10 days. Pumpkin seeds are also a very popular folk remedy for disease. You need to eat seeds every day 3 times, the number of seeds eaten should not be less than 20-30 pieces.

You can grind pumpkin seeds and mix with honey, you need to use this mixture 3 times a day before meals. Procedures for the use of pumpkin seeds should be carried out from 30 to 50 days. In addition to any type of procedure, you can take infusions from plants (hazel leaves or bark, aspen bark, tea from chestnut bark). Eating fresh parsley or its juice significantly relieves inflammation of the prostate. Eating wild pears is a good method, they taste viscous and immature, however, with regular use, complete recovery can occur.

There are many methods of treating chronic prostatitis, if desired, every man can get rid of unpleasant and painful symptoms forever.

However, before using any methods of treatment, you should consult a doctor-urologist and gradually, using treatment with medicinal, physiotherapy and folk methods, move towards permanent recovery. To consolidate the treatment, a course in a sanatorium is perfect. To constantly maintain a healthy spirit and physical strength, a man needs to follow a correct and rational lifestyle.